~Tale Six~

Ennis walked out of the castle, clanking her way toward the stadium, praying to God that the audience hadn't noticed her absence. She jumped as Quinn took her hand as they approached the grounds. Ennis gave Quinn a quizzical look.

'Got to keep up appearances.' Quinn smiled. 

'Yes.' Ennis agreed, 'but linking arms is far more formal for an arranged marriage.' She removed her hand from Quinn's and held out her metal-clad arm for Quinn to place his own on. 

'Be careful in the up and coming match, Ennis. You may be strong but your still a girl.' Quinn said quietly as the walked up to their thrones. King Eris gave Quinn a quick smile but gave Ennis a disapproving look. 

'Sorry, Father.' Ennis whispered, taking a seat. 

'You came in time for the second match. This is not acceptable. Go to the weaponry tent at once to get ready.' King Eris growled.

'Yes, your majesty.' Ennis bowed before taking her leave and, once again, began clanking her way across the grounds to get to the weaponry tent in which she hoped her glorious new sword would be waiting for her. 


The End

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