~Tale Five~

Ennis swiftly wrapped the binding around herself, before shoving on her clothes.

'Maid #1! Where is my armour?!' Ennis yelled at the jittery maid.

'It's. . .it's in the Weaponry Room! Come, come! I'll put it on for you!' Clarry squeaked, dragging the tired Ennis by the wrist, 'hurry!'

They finally reached the Weaponry Room, to see Ennis's armour standing in the middle, in it's perfectly shiny glory.

'Put it on, quickly, Maid #1!' Ennis ordered the frail girl. Clarry looked down at her fragile and not very strong body, 'you are a maid, are you not? If you cannot do it, find a squire that can!'

'Understood, sire!' Clarry mumbled as she stumbled from the room, Ennis paced up and down impatiently. There was a loud rap on the door.

'Come in!' Ennis shouted, turning away from the door, 'now, squire! Place this armour upon my body! And made it snappy!' 

'Okay!' A familiar voice said happily, Ennis felt hand around her waist and she flinched, slapping them away, she turn around, finding herself face-to-face with. . .

'Quinn!' Ennis growled, 'get out! I'm preparing for battle!'

'And I'm coming to help you, hear that?' There was a trumpet, 'that's the sound of the tournament starting. How do you think his majesty feels at his own event, that his son is not in the throne next to his? Your up third, and you don't really have a choice but to let me dress you.'

'Fine. But do it quickly, please!' Ennis said frantically, flapping her hands about, 'I need it on now! Hurry, hurry!'

'Alright, alright!' Quinn snapped, then it hit Ennis and she burst out laughing, 'waht is it now? Why're you crying?'

'You are. . .you are dressed as a women! You even have makeup on!' Ennis roared, 'this is so funny! You amuse me, Quinn!'

'Well, I have to, don't I? I'm your fiancé. Your wife-to-be.' Quinn muttered, blushing furiously, 'now turn around if you want to be at your battle in time!'

'Fine, fine. Do it properly, not rushed.' Ennis barked at Quinn, who was obviously rushing.

'If you want to be there in time, how can I not rush?!' Quinn retorted, Ennis shrugged and flapper her hand around once more, showing him that he should proceed.

Ten minutes later, another knock on the door. Ennis was finally made-up and Quinn's dress was looking a little rugged.

'There squire is here to tend to. . .you. . .'Clarry walked in, her voice trailing off, because Ennis quickly grabbed Quinn and embraced him to draw thier attention away from the fact that she had her battle-wear on, 'oh my! I didn't mean to interupt anything! Sorry!'

'You weren't. I am quite finished, now lead me to the battle-field. I had to put my own armour on because you two were late!' Ennis growled, putting her hands on her hips with great difficulty as she was in a suit of armour.

'I'm ever so sorry, Prince! Now, come this way, I will lead you to the battle grounds. ..'

Quinn patted Ennis's shoulder and smiled at her. Ennis grinned back and followed the slightly pink maid to where her competition would take place. . .

The End

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