~Tale Four~

Ennis woke up to the cheering of the townspeople and squinted, shielding her eyes from the sunlight that was beating down on her.

'Oh no!' She muttered, Carry was standing in the corner of Ennis's room, looking rather sheepish, 'Maid #1 what the hell are you doing in here?!'

'Uhum. .. I came to prepare you. . .but .. .the head maid scolded me. . .it appears I now know why. . .' Clarry chuckled, her voice a little shaky.

'I can prepare myself, Maid #1! Leave now.' Ennis yelled, ignoring the fact Clarry had discovered her secret.

'B-bb-bb-but! I'm still in love with you even if your a girl!' Clarry shouted, blushing furiously. 

'Pff!' Ennis snorted, 'you cannot fall in love with your prince, Maid #1. Sorry, but your my maid. And I have a fiancé. Not to mention the fact that I prefer men.'

'Fiiiiiiine! But you do know the tournaments already started?' Clarry huffed, swaying on her heels.


The End

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