~Tale Three~

Ennis gaped at the scruffy-looking commoner. He grinned at her, looking quite pleased with himself.

'Oooh. Prince Ennis! My dear, dear man!' Quinn cackled in a perfectly girlish voice.

'I. . .' Ennis began, then she changed her way of thinking, 'if you, Quinn, are my consort, then you better get your act together. I cannot and will not be shamed by such a . . .women.'

Quinn smiled, winking at her before wrapping a cloak around himself. Ennis blinked. Where on earth did he pull that cloak from?

'Prince Ennis! Prince Ennis! His majesty told me it was a false alarm! It was just your consort walking. . .' Maid Clarry ran round the corner; holding her dress up, '. . .around. . . Who is this?!'

'This, Maid #1 is my . . .fiancé, Quinn!' Ennis stated, grabbing onto Quinn's hand. Quinn lifted the corners of her skirt and performed a very graceful curtsey.

'How do you do, Maid #1!' Quinn smiled. Ennis pulled a expression of discust at the man who was ridiculously good at playing a women.

'It's, Clarry, Miss! My name is Clarry!'

'Maid #1! Prepare a room for my wife-to-be!' Ennis shouted, ignoring the Maid's comment.

'Yes sir. I will, sir!' Clarry squeaked, looking oddly flustered.

'Thank you, kind Maid #1. I will allow you to lead the way.' Quinn said in a soft voice; the perfect speech of a women, before taking hold of the Clarry's hand gently, allowing herself to be towed along.

'Yes, yes. Right this way!'Clarry puffed, pulling Quinn along.

'Maid #1!' Yelled Ennis, Clarry turned around, 'if your wondering why my, uhh, dear Quinn is wearing trousers. It's because I spilt some water on her, so she borred my clothes!'

'Understood, my prince!' Simpered Clarry in her strangely high voice.

'Very well, I bid you good night.' Ennis sighed, waving a hand.

She never even got a wink of sleep after that; she was not even going to have a whisper of hope in the up and coming tournament!

The End

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