~Tale Two~

'Prince Ennis! You are summoned to the royal court!' The squire announced, tooting his trumpet.

'Yes.'Ennis mumbled, it was late and she really didn't have the patience nor the enthusiasm to go to the court at that point in time.

Ennis quickly wrapped the binding round her chest before shoving her cotten blouse on. She pulled her short hair back in a bun and put on her shoes.

'Escort me, squire boy!' Ennis demanded, pointing a finger at the young man who was shaking in his boots.

The squire walked a little way in front of Ennis, leading the way. They soon came to the giant doors and Ennis kicked them open.

'Why did you call me in this late, father?'Ennis shouted, storming in, glaring at anyone that made a tutting noise.

'There is a intruder in the castle; and as you are the strongest fighter in the city, we need you to help catch the culpret.'King Eris said sternly.

'I understand. Get me my sword. Not the one I'm using tomorrow, though. I don't want to dirty it with a criminals blood!' Ennis snarled at a random maid.

'Yes, sire!' She squeaked, 'my name is still,Clarry, sire!'

'Anyway! Father, you do know I have a important battle tomorrow. I cannot afford to waste my precious sleeping time!' Ennis growled at her father, walking up to the throne so he could see how angry she was.

'I understand, Ennis, but you must catch the intruder.' He said coldly, folding his arms.

'Here is your sword, sire!' Whispered maid Clarry.

'Thankyou maid.' Ennis snapped, snatching the sword.


Ennis prowled along the halls of the castle, her eyes scouting every inch of the place.

'Well hello there.'

'Who are you?' Ennis shouted at the shadowy figure that was approaching her.

'Me? Well. . .you'll find out soon enou-- OUCH! WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!' The intruder yelled, rubbing his head because Ennis had hit him with the handle of her sword.

'Well, you looked weak. I don't want to cover this sword in your filthy blood!'Ennis grumbled, scowling at the man.

'Hm. You, you look like a man, but you have the voice of a women!' He declaired. Ennis froze, she had forgotten to use her male voice.

She coughed, deepening her voice, 'I am a man. I am as much of a man as you are!'

'Your voice just changed.'

'No it did not!'

'Your a women, aren't you?'


'Yes you are, I know you are, your binding has come loose.'

'What?!'Ennis cried, putting a hand to her chest.

'Fooled you.'

'Your a idiot. Now state your name and your business in the castle!' Ennis demanded, putting her hands on her hips.

'My name is Quinn Kenedy. I am the the prince's consort.' Quinn smirked at the gobsmacked Ennis.

'You are my cross-dressing wife?!'

The End

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