~Tale One~

'. . . And I want a fine sword for the up and coming battle!' Ennis demanded, pointing a finger at a maid.

'But, my Prince, the battle is tomorrow ,how can we prepare you a decent sword by then?!' She squeaked at the Prince who was currently looming over her, 'buuuuuuut I'm sure we can find something!'

'That is wonderful! Thank you, maid #1!' Ennis smiled broadly before taking a large bit out of a apple that was on the table.

'My name is Clarry, sire!' The maid whispered before departing.

'Ennis! Why did that maid leave weeping?' King Eris boomed at the his young child, 'you are a prince, but that does not mean you can make our maids cry! Because you, after all, are a girl as well!'

'I'm a prince. That's all they know. I've never specified my gender to anyone! So know one can hold my being a women against me!' Ennis mumbled, taking another bite from the apple.

'That's wonderful, your slyness is of a good standard, but you are of marrying age, Ennis--'

'I can't marry a women! I am a women myself! I cannot produce a heir if I marry a women!' Ennis grunted in a rather manly manner. It was as though she had forgetten how to act like a girl at all!

'That is the very matter I must discuss with you, Ennis. . .' Her father muttered, running a hand through his silver hair, 'you see, we bent the rules a little. ..'


'Your wife as it were will be a man.'

'I do not follow, father.'

'Your consort will be a man. . .dressing as a women.'

'So we'll be the royal cross-dressing couple?' Ennis snickered, putting down her half-eaten apple, 'so I'm marrying a man who is pretending to be a women, so that one of the very few people who know my secret; the midwife, can help me, the prince, give birth to a child?'

'Yes, that is about right.' King Eris mumbled, looking slightly sheepish.

'To be quite frank with you, father, I do not wish to give birth to a child any time soon, but because it is my fate as a future-ruler I will do so with pride. I will marry this. . . wife that you have found for me.' Ennis said boldly, standing up straight, looking very pompous.

'Many thanks to you my child, many thanks. You will meet your consort very soon!' The king smiled broadly, then with a swish of his cape we exited the room.

'This will all fall apart. .. ' murmured Ennis, sighing as she flopped back on her bed.


The End

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