To be a Prince. . .ess

"Prince" Ennis of the Quantoon Kingdom has a rather large secret. ..he's a girl! When they were not able to produce a male heir to the throne, they trained her up to be a guy! And when she needs a female consort they call in a cross-dressing male! Only a few people know of Ennis's secret, but how long can she hide it?!

''Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a handsome Prince named Ennis. But this prince was not a prince at all! He was a women! Because King Eris of the kingdom Quantoon was lacking a male heir to the throne, the trained up his daughter to become a Prince. Now, the young Prince(ss) is 14 years of age and already the strongest . .. man(?) in the whole of Q-Toon Town! But what happens when she starts getting marriage proposals? Oh, thats right, they'll call in a man dressed up as a women!!''

The End

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