To Be A LiarMature

The biggest gossip around the country of Lansdon is always about The Wolf, the most wanted criminal yet.
Nobody knows who The Wolf is, and everyone in the city of Nepolitan wants to know.
For Jason Stanford, being The Wolf could never be easier. After all, who would guess that Nepolitan Senior High's biggest 'nobody' was capable of being someone as powerful as The Wolf?
Though Jason was The Wolf, he didn't always get what he wanted. In fact, his life was the complete opposite.
What he wanted

To Be A Liar

A Short Story 

Jason frowned at the TV, not liking what he was hearing. He’d never approved of what the media had to say about the constant drama that took place in Lansdon. It didn’t settle his aggravation when he eavesdropped on neighbours who were appalled by what was written in the daily newspapers, believing every little word and rumour.

By now, Jason was disappointed by how people weren’t able to tell the difference between a completely over exaggerated rumour, and the real facts that were told pretty straight forwardly. People believed the rumours simply because they sounded more interesting in comparison to the truth, and that was something Jeremy simply couldn’t come to an agreement with.

He shook his head as he heard more and more about what the media had to say about The Wolf, who in other words was Jason himself.

“The Wolf has been sighted again, causing havoc at the Nepolitan Bank, shooting two security guards and stealing several thousand dollars. The video cameras were mysteriously hijacked by one of the Nepolitan Bank’s own workers, leaving very little evidence of the crime being taken place. However, there are some hand held videos taken by witnesses. Due to yet another expertly planned attack by The Wolf, mistrust and confusion has risen amongst all related to this tragic event.”

The screen went from the reporter to a low quality video, showing a series of events that were completely incomprehensible. The scenes were meant to be the hand held videos that were supposedly taken by the witnesses.

Jason hated the media and everything to do with it. They had over exaggerated what he had done the previous night by miles. Yes, Jason had robbed a bank, but he had not shoot two security guards and hijack the bank’s security system. What he had really done was make the guards unconscious and disable all the cameras.

The Wolf (Jason) was all the rage around the small city of Nepolitan. He was like a real life version of Spiderman, except there were a few major differences. This superhero was in fact a villain to the entire country of Lanson, this making him the most wanted criminal yet. The other difference was that he was always in disguise as a wolf.

Jason never knew how he ended up being The Wolf. He was raised poorly, this causing him to do all the wrong things. He got into fights easily and committed crimes without even feeling guilty. He also had the habit of lying a lot.

Jason was The Wolf since the age of twelve.

 Nobody talked to him. Jason Stanford was simply a face in the crowd. The strange thing was that Jason was used to being isolated ever since he stepped into preschool. Because of this, he was completely invisible to everyone.

Another thing that nobody knew about Jason was that he was madly in love. He was in love with the one and only, Kaitlin Jane.

Kaitlin Jane was a girl that always kept quiet. She was smart and sophisticated. She didn’t hang around with the ‘it’ crowd, but she wasn’t a loner either. A lot of boys fell for Kaitlin, but she accepted none of them. Jason prayed that she would accept him. She was the one thing in the world he wanted more than anything.

Jason quickly got ready for school, knowing that he would see Kaitlin there. Once he reached Nepolitan Senior High, Jason sought out Kaitlin and started admiring her beauty all over again.

Her blonde hair was up in a messy bun with a few strands escaping. Her face held an innocent expression, making her look ever so vulnerable. She was free of make-up and her clothing was simple but classy. All together, she was beautiful.

Jason put his hood up and simply stared at Kaitlin. At times, Kaitlin caught Jason staring at her, making them both blush a vivid red. In fact, Kaitlin caught Jason staring at her all the time. Every time Jason looked at her, he held an expression that had lust written all over it.

Jason watched as Kaitlin took her books out of her locker. As if sensing him watching her, her head snapped towards where Jason was standing against his locker. They held each other’s gaze for several seconds before awkwardly looking away.

Jason could feel his heart beating fast in his rib cage as he walked away. All he wanted was Kaitlin. Nothing more, nothing less.


Jason stared blankly at the flames he had lit himself. The way they rose up into the night’s air fascinated him. He could smell toxic smoke all around him, but Jason didn’t cough even once. The Wolf mask he was wearing prevented the majority of toxic smoke from entering his lungs.

The Nepolitan Senior High’s gymnasium was ablaze at The Wolf’s hand, but Jason didn’t feel guilty. He felt absolutely nothing. It was like he enjoyed destroying things and breaking the law.

“PUT YOUR HANDS UP!” Shouted the police officers from behind Jason.

As fast as lightening, Jason ran away from the scene, dodging every bullet that was shot his way.

As soon as he was far away from the fire he had set, Jason moved onto his next crime.


When Jason went to school the next day, everyone was talking about the fire that was set to the school’s gymnasium. The gymnasium was destroyed, along with every plant and foliage surrounding it.  People crowded the sight, going as far as leaning against the police tape to have a look at what The Wolf had done.

Kaitlin stood amongst the crowd surrounding the police tape with an undecipherable expression.

Finding courage out of nowhere, Jason decided to make his first move.

Jason pushed through the crowd until he was right next to Kaitlin.

“So what do you think of this,” he muttered, loud enough for Kaitlin to hear.

Kaitlin turned to look at Jason with an utterly surprised look on her face. It was as if she was staring at her favourite movie star.

“Um... I’m just confused,” she replied.

Jason raised an eyebrow questioningly. “Confused?” he asked.

“Yeah. I don’t understand why The Wolf does all these things. I was thinking he would do it for fame, but he never shows his face, like Spiderman.”

Jason didn’t reply. He thought about what Kaitlin has said. Why did he do such things? It made no sense to him either. He committed such horrible crimes for the sake of it. He never regretted what he did. Jason thought that he was like another version of Dexter.

Unexpectedly, someone pushed Jason to the side, directly into Kaitlin.

Jason didn’t have the time to scowl at the person who had pushed him, but instead gasped at the close proximity between Kaitlin and him.

“Sorry!” he stammered in a husky voice.

Kaitlin stared at him wide eyed. If anyone was watching, they would have thought Kaitlin felt the same way about Jason as he felt about her.

“It’s okay,” she whispered barely audible.

Still stunned by how close they were, Jason quickly turned around and ran away, pushing people out of his path which in return received him some nasty comments.

Jason couldn’t care less. He was over the moon, and it was all because of Kaitlin.


Several days later, Jason decided to take a walk. Usually, Jason took walks at night time, a time where no one would leave their homes. People were so terrified of The Wolf that they didn’t dare leave their homes after sunset. Obviously, Jason
didn’t abide by those rules considering that he was, well, The Wolf.

Today, Jason was feeling a little different. In fact, he had been feeling a little different ever since his last encounter with Kaitlin. They kept on looking at each other, and immediately averting their eyes when they caught each other staring.

Since Jason was feeling more hyped up than usual, he decided to take a walk several minutes before sunset. The sun was still out, but there was barely anyone on the streets, probably being extra cautious.

As Jason entered the small coffee shop for a little break, he realised that Kaitlin was sitting by herself in the corner, drinking coffee. Heart thundering, Jason bought his drink.

“One medium cappuccino,” he asked.

Kaitlin turned her head towards Jason, recognising his voice instantly.

They stared at each other for a moment, both looking overly nervous.

Jason took his cappuccino and saw Kaitlin motion him to take the spare seat across from her. Of course, Jason accepted.

“Um... Hi,” mumbled Kaitlin.

“Hey,” Jason said in return.

They sat there, awkwardly for a few minutes.

“Nice seeing you around,” Jason said in attempt to make conversation.

“Yeah...” Kaitlin said, staring at the floor. “So...  Um, what do you do in your spare time?” she asked.

Jason thought for a moment. How was he going to tell her what he did in his spare time? Jason figured that saying he burnt buildings and robbed banks in his spare time wasn’t going to please Kaitlin.

So he decided to lie.

“I swim,” he said.

They ended up having a very long conversation, both asking each other about their lives. As they spoke more, the more Kaitlin let loose. It was then that he heard the sound of Kaitlin’s laughter. Truthfully, he wished to hear it all day.

Everything Jason told Kaitlin was a lie. So far as she knew, Jason had three brothers, all of them younger than him. They lived in England whilst he was sent to Lansdon as an exchange student.

Lies, lies and more lies.

By the end of their long conversation, Jason knew a lot more about Kaitlin. She loved to read and had one sister who was married and lived in Australia. Kaitlin was raised by a single mother who worked as a GP. Her favourite colour was lime green and she loved the band One Republic. Her favourite author was Nicholas Sparks and she hated anything to do with fantasy. But what made Jason uncomfortable was the fact that Kaitlin absolutely hated people who lied. She couldn’t stand lies, and would never trust anyone again if they even lied to her once.

Jason managed to successfully ignore that she hated lies.
After all, she was never going to know that he was The Wolf. No one was.

Jason left the coffee shop feeling better than ever. He had had a proper conversation with Kaitlin! He had thought that he would never get to that stage in his whole entire life.

After that day, Jason and Kaitlin decided to meet each other at the same coffee shop at 5pm sharp. They met every day, and never ran out of things to talk about. Their relationship grew more and more until it was to the point where they casually hugged each other without any awkwardness.

One evening, as they both walked out of the coffee shop, Kaitlin asked Jason a question about a subject they never really talked about.

“So, do you fancy anyone at the moment,” she asked casually, keeping her eyes on the road in front of her.

Jason blushed. “Uh...”

Kaitlin quickly took a glance at Jason before staring at the pavement again. “Come on, it’s no big deal. It’s not like I’m going to post it on Facebook or anything...”

Jason hesitated before speaking. “Well, truthfully, I’ve liked the same girl since Freshman year,” Jason admitted.

Kaitlin stared at Jason curiously.

“How much do you like her?” she asked in a quiet mouse-like voice.

“I think I’m in love with her,” he said in a matter-of-fact way.

Nothing could be heard except for their footsteps.

They turned into a small alley with no one except for themselves in sight. The alley was dimly lit by lampposts, allowing Jason and Kaitlin to see where they were going.

“Do you mind me asking who she is?” Kaitlin said in a voice that almost sounded jealous.

Jason opened and closed his mouth several times before replying.

“Of course not, I’m staring right at her,” Jason said.

Kaitlin stopped in her tracks and turned to look at Jason with wide, shiny eyes. When she looked at him, he was looking directly at her, his eyes not averting even once. Without any hesitation, Jason cupped Kaitlin’s face and leaned forward.

When their lips met, Jason felt nothing but ecstasy. He had been waiting for this day for four years. It was nothing like he had ever experienced before. He always used to imagine kissing Kaitlin but he never knew how good it felt until now. He wrapped his arms around Kaitlin’s waist, holding her closely to his body. Kaitlin’s fingers
pulled on Jason’s black hair, pressing their lips together harder.

Kaitlin moaned against Jason’s lips, making Jason break their kiss. They were both panting, their chests rising and falling rapidly.

They stared at each other for a few short seconds before Jason pushed Kaitlin backwards, her back resting against the alley’s wall. They started kissing again. Kaitlin wrapped her legs around Jason’s waist, making their positioning like a front on piggy back.

They kissed for ages, well into the night, not caring how swollen their lips would be after.


After that day, Jason and Kaitlin were a couple. They were practically joined at the hip, never wanting to be separated. It was the best time of Jason’s life ever. He was dating the girl he wanted since he was thirteen. It was like Jason had taken a huge step forward in life. For the first time ever, Jason was truly happy.

Jason continued his role as The Wolf without any suspicion from Kaitlin. Usually, The Wolf appeared during the night, but recently, Jason had decided to appear during the day. It was easier for people to see The Wolf whilst he was out during the day. There were only a few pictures on the internet of The Wolf clad in black, graffiting on the roof of Nepolitan City’s Museum.

People of Nepolitan were more scared than ever. The Wolf appeared during the night and day, not giving any indication of what time was the most dangerous.

“I’ll see you later,” said Jason before giving Kaitlin a peck on the lips before leaving.

Jason spent a lot of his time at Kaitlin’s house. It was one of the only places where he could relax and be a typical seventeen year old boy by having proper conversations and explicit make out sessions.

“Where are you going?” asked Kaitlin.

“Um... A walk. I’ll be back soon,” he assured.

Kaitlin eyed him sceptically, but nodded anyway.

Jason quickly walked out into the night, putting on his wolf mask and heading for the museum again. He was planning to set the roof on fire.

After a good 25 minutes worth of walking, Jason reached the museum at ten past eleven. It took him about five minutes to get onto the roof, and another five to spread the gasoline. Just as he was about to light the match, he heard a loud shot echo through the night.

Jason paused. What was that?

He put the match box back into his pocket and stared out into the darkness.

Out of thin air, he was surrounded by blinding white lights coming from torches. It took a few seconds for his eyes to adjust, but when they did, he realised that the lights were coming from police officers.

Jason kicked into action. He leaped off the museum roof, landing painfully on the concrete below. He felt a searing pain run up both calves of his legs. Completely ignoring the pain, Jason started running away. The problem was that he was surrounded.

Jason looked all around but couldn’t find an exit. Panic piling up inside him, Jason decided to go into the museum. With his leg, he kicked the glass window. Jason realised that kicking the glass was a big mistake. Though the class did shatter, his leg didn’t recover. He limped his way into the museum to find that the inside was already filled with cops.

He gasped.

He mentally cursed at himself for not being more cautious. He should have stayed out of sight, not allowing anyone to see him on the roof.

The other thing that was really disturbing was that for the first time ever, The Wolf was vulnerable and helpless.

Jason tried to run, but he just couldn’t. His right leg was completely useless.

Kicking the glass was a stupid mistake, and it was that very stupid mistake that lead to what happened next.

Jason heard two loud shots echo through the museum entrance before he felt the pain. One bullet went through his chest, the other into his leg.

Jason let out a loud cry of agony. He fell to the floor, his body unable to move. All he could feel was the pain through his torso and right leg. It was unbearable.

He lay in a pool of his own blood writhing and screaming, unable to comprehend what was going on around him.

It was then Jason knew that he was going to die.

Suddenly, his mask was yanked off.

Standing over him was Kaitlin. Somehow, she had gotten past the police officers who were blocking the small crowd from entering the scene.

News had clearly spread fast.

Kaitlin gasped, a hand covering her mouth in shock.

“No,” she whispered, unable to believe who The Wolf was.

“No!” she repeated, slightly louder.

Jason didn’t know what to say. He was dying, and Kaitlin probably hated him right now. He tried to open his mouth to speak, but no words came out.

“It was you all along!” she gasped. “You fucking lied to me, Jason!” she said, outraged.

“All those times you lied to me, and I believed you. But you were The Wolf all this bloody time! And I thought I was in love with you!” Kaitlin said, tears pouring down her cheeks.

“Kaitlin,” he whispered.

Kaitlin burst into tears at the sound of how week Jason’s voice was.

“Kaitlin, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for everything,” Jason said sorrowfully.

He could feel the energy draining out of his body. He could feel his life slipping away from him. His eyes started to close...

Kaitlin fell to her knees beside Jason, grabbing hold of his cold hand. She squeezed it hard as she sobbed louder. “No! Don’t leave me, Jason!” She cried.

So this was it, Jason thought. This was how it would all end. He had lied continuously. He had lied his whole entire life. Jason understood how Kaitlin hated him. He understood the fact that she would never listen to his words ever again. He
should not have been so naive, thinking that The Wolf’s identity would remain a secret for the rest of his life. Of course, today was the day that everyone would realise who Jason Stanford really was.

He would die a liar and a monster. He would be known as the biggest criminal for years.

Why didn’t he see this coming before?

Any minute now, Jason would die. He closed his eyes, knowing that this was his final moments.

Kaitlin rested her cheek on Jason’s chest, crying.

“I love you Kaitlin,” Jason whispered, loud enough for her to hear.

But of course, she didn’t believe him anymore.

The End

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