To all my fellow travelersMature

A long story of different unusual characters, their interaction and their life.


Plaster of room was cracked at different places and ulcers and wounds of walls were clearly visible. At one side, on an old rusted folding cot a lean, pale body was present, whose moving chest was giving the proof that  he was alive. An aged lady in her faded wrinkled sari was sitting on a wooden chair near the folding cot, continuously watching the lifeless face of old man. On her face signs of pain were dried up and remnants of pain were present on her face as some grey and brown spots below her eyes and on cheeks.

 After regular intervals, sick body almost jumped with the severe attack of cough and the lady started to massage his chest in such desperate manner as if she is holding something which she is scared of losing. May be this was only medical treatment available to that sick old body, magical hands of his wife which gave him everything in life, from affection to care, from sexual joy to comfort of not being alone in this brutal world. However, softness of palm turned into hard cracks but the softness of her affection was still same.

 Whole room was filled with a melancholic smell, a smell of decomposition of memories mixed with smell of disease, phlegm and dampness. Just outside the room, road was so busy, almost vibrating with the pressure of rushing cars, bikes, SUVs, MUVs.... of all models and all make. It was totally opposite to the environment inside room where tired time was sighing and and outside where time was running on fast pace.

 Suddenly, a car break the monotony of both the environment and stopped just near the door of room. Lady inside the room moved swiftly and her eyes fixed on the door of car. Her eyes were open, almost without any wink, with changing colours of anticipation, curiosity....

 Suddenly her eyes broadened, skin of her tired face stretched and an intense feeling of hatred flooded in her eyes. She stood up, rushed towards door and gazed at the person coming out of car.

"Namaste (Hello)" soft voice was full of respect.

No word came out of her dry blackened lips, but deep sense of hate and anger was quite apparent on her face.

"Uncle Kaise hain? (How is uncle)" question was asked in humblest tone.

"Tumhari yahan aane ki himmat kaise hui? (How dare you to come here)" this time lips parted and acidic words came out.

"Uncle ki tabiyat theek nahi hai... aap plz ye sab baten chhhod den (Uncle is not ok, please leave all this)" voice was filled with a kind of strange strength.

"....." she wanted to say but could not find the words. She fixed her eyes on the creature standing in front of her... scarlet color sari with golden work, deep back matching blouse with golden embroidered sleeves, red bangles, silver color sandal and shining nail colors. Dark lipstick, pony tail and golden pendant in the ears. But in spite of all these feminine outfits, make-up and ornaments the body behind all these was of a man. Restless soul of a woman caught in a male body, like a bird habitual of flying high in blue vast sky confined to a small cage.. continuously getting injured by hitting the strings of the cage..

He (or she) entered into the room and lady could not stop him. Old man opened his eyes and as he saw him, accumulated all his strength and shouted, "tum kyun aye ho? Niklo yahan se. (Why you are here? Get out.)"

"Apko doctor ke paas leke jana hai, warna apki tabiyat aur kharab ho jayegi (You need a doctor otherwise your condition will deteriorate) " his voice was firm and clear. He came near to him, his hand reached to his waist and neck and in a fraction of second he picked him up as his old body has no weight. Old sick body could not resist and surrendered in his strong arms with bangle but full of strength. He took him to the car, opened the door with one hand and placed him on the back seat in half laying situation.

"Aap lock laga len aur chalen (Lock the house and come with me)" he sat on driver’s seat.

Now lady has no strength to oppose, she locked the door and sit beside him. He started the car and after a slight turn reached to road and raced with other cars.

The End

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