“I still don’t know you.” He gazes at Morgan, eyes reflecting sorrow that he is incapable of understanding anymore.

Morgan swallows, screwing his eyes shut. He no longer wants to see the other boy’s blank stare. He doesn’t want to see that kind of truth. “I know that, Euph.”

“She calls me that, too.”

“She does?” He opens his eyes to see his friend smiling.

“Yes,” Euph says simply. “She said it was my name.”

Morgan’s fingers reach for his cheek and brush past, ruffling the younger boy’s hair instead. “…Yes, it’s your name.” A lie cannot hurt what he is now. Besides, it is only fitting that he is given a new beginning. It seems that the past can only bring pain now.

“Does it mean anything special?” The boy leans closer, his eyes half-closed as though lost in memory. If only. Morgan bites down on his lip, straining to keep his face strong. If this is to be the first memory of him, let it be a good one. Let it be a strong one. And yet- And yet, if this is a new beginning, then what does it even matter? The blue eyes before him are as empty as innocence itself. They have no idea who he is. Why should he stay true to his old self when Euph cannot?

His teeth slowly lose their hold on his lower lip, accompanied by a choke of a sob. He tries to hide it, even now. Even before the doe-eyed boy that he helped to break. He wants to tell him sorry, wants to plead and beg and cry and hurt. But for the sake of everything that the two of them once were, he does not. Instead, he forces a smile onto his face. “Euphoria. It means happiness.”

The End

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