Hurting Without Touching

Morgan stared at him, mouth open and lip curling ever so slightly. “How long?” he demanded. “How long ago was it?”

“Three months,” Euph said, a wicked grin on his face, but I knew it had been longer than that. Morgan knew it too.

He flew at Euph then, his fist colliding with Euph’s cheek with such force that the crack screamed echoes for seconds afterwards. Euph flinched back against the wall, and I found myself wincing along with him. I had never known Morgan to be this violent before.

“You’re mocking me,” I heard him mutter in a hoarse voice. “Get out, get OUT, GET OUT!” He hammered his fist into Euph’s shoulder with yet more sickening crunches. Euph didn’t open his eyes, just took the punches. Morgan continued for an unbearably long time before pausing to rub his eye, smearing the blood from his hand down his shining cheek. He was destroying his best friend to hurt an enemy he couldn’t even touch, and he knew that. But it was the only thing he knew to do, however irrational. And I think that some part of him just wanted to inflict the same agony that he was facing on someone else, on her. Euph happened to be the closest he could get to her, but that was just too bad. Nothing he could do about that. He was becoming more and more vicious, clawing with his hands, kicking furiously at Euph’s already injured leg. He wanted to hear her scream, even if it had to be in his best friend’s voice.

And I stood there, and watched. I was rooted to the spot long after Euph was coughing up blood and both of his legs had been broken under Morgan’s foot. I had heard his kneecaps splinter, and God, I just let it happen. Of course I wanted her to suffer. But I had known for so, so much longer than Morgan had - I was in my right mind, though I wished I hadn’t been. He was mad, tearing apart the body of the boy he loved so much. And I loved him more, and was madder still for letting such things be done to him. Madder still for thinking he deserved it.

The End

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