Chapter 3Mature

        District TWO was the largest of the districts, housing a population of nearly two hundred thousand. It's Mayor held the most power, aside from Altia's Prime Ruler. It was also the district with an underwater port. The only link between Tierra and Altia. It was also where Darles choose to spend the last few days before he decides to start his revenge. That night, the night before the coronation, Darles decided to spend it at a local bar. The place was mostly empty at this time. Only a handful of men and women hung about drinking and gossiping about the coronation that was about to take place the next day.

        "What does a handsome man like yourself doing in a place like this?" A woman said, approaching him. She sat beside him on the counter. The reason she had said that, aside from attempting to strike a conversation, was because out of all the men in the place, Darles was the only one wearing an expensive tuxedo. Hence, the richest man there. And it was the truth. He looked at her in the eyes and smiled. She returned the smile in a flirtatious way. She was beautiful, perhaps the most beautiful woman in the bar. But... "Not interested."

        "Not even if I..." She reached down to his pants, but Darles caught her arm mid-way. "No. Not even." The woman frowned at him and walked away without another word. She approached a group of men sitting two tables away. Darles resumed drinking his beer alone.

        Minutes later he was approached by another woman. Less beautiful than the last but pretty enough to charm any man if she chose to. This one, though, he knew. "Hey sis."

        "You know if you keep turning down woman like that you'll never get a girlfriend." She said, taking a seat beside him.

        "She was only interested in the money." Darles stated.

        "Good point."

        Mirna was the only one woman in Tierra whom Darles respected. Since their parents died, she took upon herself to raise him for most of his teenage years, until he discovered the truth behind their father's death. After that fateful day he had moved out to plan his revenge. To quench his hatred of the Marvyn family which ruled Tierra from the safety of Altia.

        The siblings grabbed a private table and ordered some food along with more beers to drink. "So, tell me little brother," Mirna said, after taking a bite out of her stake. "What brings you to this District?"

        "Just business."

        "And what was it that you wanted to talk to me about?" Mirna knew her brother all to well to know that whenever he wanted to meet like this, it meant he wanted something. Something only she can provide.

        Darles played with his fork for a minute before answering. "I need you to get me a ticket to visit Altia."

        "Why would you need to visit..." The answer seemed to have come to her to moment she looked at her brother's eyes. Darles also suspected she saw the hatred in his eyes because she shook her head. "Darles, I thought you've moved on. Virgil had nothing to do with father's death. You told me you were past this."

        "I was!" Darles snapped. "I mean, I am. This is no longer just about revenge."

        "Then what is it about?"

        "The future of Tierra."

        "What?" Mirna sighed. "What do you mean?"

        "Look, if you can't help me that's fine." Darles said. "I can find other ways to get to Altia. You can't stop me. You can't stop my crusade."

        Mirna shook her head in disappointment. "Unfortunately no, I can't. But listen to me, Tierra is in the brink of chaos and the death of Christopher just opened up many doors and opportunities for it to rise. If you go into Altia now and kill the last living member of the Marvyn family, there'll be another District War. And with the Tevrakas ruling the surface, another one of such war will completely destroy the continent." That and many many people will die, perhaps even a lot more now that the Tevrakas exist. 

        "Like I said-"

        "I know, I know. I can't change your mind. But if you're going to go after Virgil, at least wait until after the coronation. Please." Maybe by then she'll have time to change her brother's mind. Darles was stubborn, but maybe he'll see the truth: That their father was not the man they thought he was.

        "Ok." Darles said after a long minute. "So are you going to get me the ticket?"

        "I will."

The End

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