Chapter 2:Mature

Transporters - as their titles suggests - transported supplies, goods, and even people between the Districts. They were Tierra's backbone. Their job required them to drive through the outside planes and mountains. Because of it, they were regarded as brave and courageous men. The 'outside' - as the people came to call the surface - was the home of the Tevrakas. Each trip the Transpoters took put them at risk of an attack. Their trucks were built with weapons and shields for protection, but there had been incidents in the past and many Transporters had been killed on the road. Even with all the precautions and protocols they followed, if a pack of Tavrakas found them, their chances of escape were slim. So those that chose to become a Transporter knew the risks and dangers that came with the job.

The perks, though, far out weighted the dangers and risk if they were properly trained. Especially now that technology had advance enough to arm certain trucks with electrical EMPs strong enough to fend off Tevraka attacks. Aside from the Mayors and Royal Guards, these men had the third high paying job in Tierra. They had fame, fortune, and woman. They had  the credit to do whatever they wanted and buy their desires. But since their jobs usually involved travels, they didn't stay in the same District for too long, which made relationships difficult.

Transporters were heroes. And that is what Rick Coats had been recently thinking of not becoming. He didn't care about the fame or fortune. He was married to a woman whom he loved more than anything in he world. All he really needed was the credit. Enough to sustain life for at least fifteen years.

Today, Rick and his partner; Zane, had left District THIRD and were now on their way to their home District: FOURTH. The districts obviously had names, but they were long forgotten to most so now people just referred to them as number. It was much simpler.  So far they were about half way to FOURTH without so much as spotting a Tevraka. They were getting lucky. Not even the radar was picking up any movement.

"How is she?" Zane asked, noticing Rick's longing eyes. Zane was more than a partner to Rick. He was his friend. They had met at the Academy were they were paired to be the Distric's Mayor personal Transporters. They were among the top of their class and their teamwork were rated as the examples for trainees. So it wasn't so shocking that he knew what Rick was thinking about.

"Who?" Rick of course knew who Zane was referring to, he just pretended he didn't.

"Your wife."

"She fine." Rick said.

"And the baby? How long until she's is due?"

"About three to four months. Why?"

Zane took a distant look before answering. "So that means I have that much time to look for a new partner."

Rick took his eyes off the road to look at his friend questionably. "What are you talking about?"

"Hey, it's fine by me." Zane said.

"What makes you say that?" Rick tried to hide the nervousness.

Zane sighed. "One mission usually earn us enough credits to last us for about a month." He explained. "And during the last two months we've done more than five. You've been accepting missions after missions no matter the distance. Which means you're saving credits. If I had to guess, I'd guess two reasons; One, you're planning on buying yourself a long vacation in Altia, or Second; You're preparing to retire when the baby is born. And I'm leaning more on the latter. Tell me if I'm wrong?"

Rick gulped. He hadn't planned on telling his friend until much later. "When did you figure it out?"

"Right now." Zane said. "You just confirmed it."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be. Sarah needs you more than this job." That was true enough. Transporter were always at risk of an ambush on every trip. 

As they neared the District, Zane started to send signals of their arrival. The District needed time to thoroughly scan the area for lurking Tevrakas before opening their gates. This system was added after one of the Districts fell to a horde of Tevrakas because of the mistake of underestimating the Strength of the creatures.

They reached the rocky mountain where the District's entrance was hidden. Rick brought the truck to a stop right in front of a large wall. He entered a code and through the a mic he said; "The is Rick Coats T156743 demanding entrance."

A male voice from the speaker responded; "Identification in progress. give us a moment."

"I'll drop you off at your place." Zane said. "Then I'll take the truck to Raggs'. I'll do the reports and all the B.S."


"Don't mention it."

Minutes later the speaker was on again and the male voice said; "I'll open the gates. Come in."

Rick thanked the man and hung up. The large wall began to split open to reveal a large tunnel. He drove through it.


The End

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