Chapter 1:Mature

The death of his father had left Virgil a lot more traumatized than he'd like. With his father gone, he was now the last living member of the Marvin family. The family that built Altia and saved Tierra from the District Wars. When the Tevrakas attacked, It was his ancestors that had taken the steps to fight back against the beasts. And now, all the weight and responsibility of ruling a continent fell on his shoulders. His father had taught him how to manage it, at least enough to not let chaos disrupt the peace, but he wasn't sure he was yet ready to rule. The Mayors were much older, wiser men, than he. They were more capable to take the throne. That and they had the people of their corresponding Districts to vouch for them. Who did Virgil have?

The door to his office swung open. A welcome interruption to his rising worries and fears. "Pardon my intrusion, Sir." It was Cael, his father's trusted advisor. The only honest man in a city full of lairs. At leas that's what his father always used to say. Virgil considered Cael an uncle, and he knew to trust the man unconditionally.

"It's alright, C." Virgil said. "I know I haven't been out much since..." It was getting hard to hold the tear. "...since he-"

Cael stopped him there. "It's been more than a week, sir. I thought you'd put this behind you. What with the coronation and all." Cael paused for a moment before saying his next sentence. "Your father was a great ruler, and a good friend to his people. "

"Is that why they killed him?" Virgil wasn't an idiot. He knows about the secretly rising revolution. One of the Mayors wanted Altia's throne, and he'd been recruiting spies from the city to feed him information about its weaknesses. And it wasn't a coincidence that the night his father chose to sneak out of the city to investigate, he gets attacked by Tevrakas. Something was off about his death, something which Virgil noticed that night.

"Your father-"

"Was killed by Tevrakas, I know. That's what everyone is saying. That's what everyone should be saying. The thought that someone killed him wont do much good to assure the people that they're save in their own home." Just because they all had a common enemy - the Tevraks - it didn't mean that there were bad people out there. Virgil stood from his chair and walked to the balcony. He stared at the waters below him. "The night he left the city, I saw him. I saw the shuttle. I also saw the Tevrakas follow him as if they had been waiting for him." Which was odd since the beasts were not intelligent. They only seemed to follow their instinct to feed themselves. 

Cael joined him on the balcony. "I didn't know..."

"That I knew about his plan?" Virgil finished the sentence. "If I was to rule one day, I had to learn more than what you and him were teaching me. So I always sneaked out of my room to eavesdropper on the meetings." He looked up and stared at the far continent. From that distance, he could barely spot the tiny silhouette of the Tevrakas flying about, like Eagles searching for prey. Whoever had the bright idea of building cities underground - the Districts were built far before the Tevrakas appearance - seemed to have predicted the arrival of the beasts. "Even then, I still don't think I'm ready for this. I haven't even started my coronation speech." It was customary for the heirs to the throne to deliver a convincing speech to both raise the people's spirit and get the Mayors and their people to support their rule. It was somewhat of a democracy. The people should choose their rulers.

"Well, then it's a good thing I've already done that for you." Cael pulled out the pile of papers he had been holding behind his back. "I knew you wouldn't do it. You've always been a lazy kid." Cael placed a friendly hand on Virgil's shoulders. "Now is not the time for mourning Virgil. Tierra is the brink of chaos, and Altia needs a ruler to keep the peace. A peace which your family had kept for more than a hundred years."

Virgil took the papers and scanned the pages. "What would I do without you, C?" 

"The coronation is three days." Cael said with a hint of a smile. "Use that as a draft. You can edit it if you want, but I suggest you keep to the main points. The Mayor's favor should be your main concern."

"Thank you."

Cael bowed and left. 


Virgil knew that his father was on to something the night he died. It was the main reason why Virgil had ordered the shuttle to be recovered and brought to the city where it could be searched and investigated. They never really found his father's body. Either the Tevrakas ate him, or it was lost at sea. Still, Virgil wanted to know who killed him and why. Who had lured the Tevrakas so close to the city.

The shuttle was half destroyed. Having been ripped apart by the Tevrakas. Virgil stared at it. It was all he could do now. He had thoroughly searched it many times but found no clue as to what had happened aside from the obvious attack. The technicians told him that the shuttle was already low on electrical energy when his father took it, which explained why the shields didn't work. But his father was a smart man. If he had been planning this for days, which Virgil knew he had been, then he would've prepared the shuttle beforehand. It made no sense.

"The next thing to do, is take it apart piece by piece." A voice said. Virgil didn't have to look back to know it was the Head Technician.

"Chase." Virgil saluted the man with a hand shake. Then he looked back at the shuttle. "You're right."

"Then when should we start?"

Virgil thought for a moment. "You," He emphasized the word. "can start when ever you can."

"I don't understand."

"I need you to do it yourself." Virgil clarified. "Tell no one. And if you find anything, come to me personally."

"Alright, if you say so." Chase nodded. "But I don't see why the secrecy. Else you think we - I might find something."

"You will." Virgil said. "You have to." His fathers death was no coincidence, and he will stop at nothing to figure out who did this. Until then, the coronation was in a two days. Becoming the next ruler of Altia needed to be his main concern now.

The End

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