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His plan was simple: Wait for night to sneak out of the city, steal a shuttle, and use it to fly to Tierra. That, he had already done. Once he was far enough from the floating city - Altia, as his great grandfather had decided to name it - he set the shuttle to auto-pilot. Reaching the continent would take him a couple of hours. In the meantime, he went over the files over and over again. Someone had betrayed him - or was planning to. Someone wanted to start a revolution and he was certain it had to be one of the District Mayors. Which one of the four, it was anybody's guess. That's why he had taken the risk of going to Tierra himself and secretly investigate the matter further.

He knew that if anyone figured out he had left the city, then chaos would ensue. Which is why he had told no one aside from his trusted Advisor: Cael. The man had been loyal to the ruling family for more than a decade now. Him and Cael were the only ones who knew of the brewing revolution. It was best if the public was kept in the dark until he has gathered more details. He trusted Cael to keep the city safe until his return.

He looked out the front of the shuttle and in the night, he could already make out the shape of the continent. Tierra was a landmass of the about two and half million square miles. Large enough to fit a population of about three hundred million humans. Unfortunately, every since the arrival of the Tevrakas - vile beasts whose main instinct was the killing of all living organism besides themselves - that population had dropped to less than half a million. The Tevrakas had taken over the land now, forcing the humans to build their cities - which they decided to call: Districts - underground, for better protection. Energy shields helped in keeping the creatures from attacking the solar panels which provided the energy needed to survive underground. It provided the energy for the artificial lights, and the technology used in the Districts. Event then, energy was scarce, as it relied on the sun and during winters, the sun was rarely up. And a revolution during these energy crisis, was ideal. It had happened in the past and it will surely happen again. Which is why his mission was of utmost importance. And why he trusted no one but himself to carry it through.

A beeping noise brought his attention back inside the the radar. He saw the reds dots appear - Tevrakas. They were getting closer, approaching the shuttle. First there were two dots, then three...four. They had somehow found him. Those damn beast could not only fly but seemed to sense high energy levels. He took the driver's seat and typed in the code for the energy shield. At the very least the shield would buy him enough time to lose them. But to his growing horror, the screen read: Access Denied. He tried again. Same results. Damn, he cursed. He switched the auto-pilot off and took manual control. The dots were nearly upon him. He speed up the shuttle downward, trying to lose the beasts. But It didn't work.

The red dots - the Tevrakas - were upon him now. The shuttle shook as one of the beasts latched itself into the roof. He heard the rasping sound as it began tearing through the metal roof. Then another thud...and another. This made no sense, why didn't the shield work? He wondered. And how did they find him? He had planned this mission for days, just to make sure he would avoid a situation like this. Damn. Someone had meddled with the shuttle before hand. It had to be the only explanation. But no one knew...unless...Cael.

The advisor had betrayed him. Now it all made the sense. The sinking of the ship, and the attack on the the Underwater Base. He knew someone had to have been feeding information to Tierra. To whomever was behind the attacks. Damn. Damn. Damn. The Tevrakas were nearly through the roof now, he could see the beasts claws tear through the metal. The realization that he would not survive this trip struck him hard. He had to leave a message before his death. A warning. Someone will find the shuttle, he knew. 

He set up the recorder and made sure to encrypt his message. When he was done, he took the flash drive and carefully hid it inside a small metalic box. Then he hid that box within the shuttle's engine.

The Tevrakas were almost through now. He took a deep breath, grabbed the wheel, and dived the shuttle hard into the ocean hoping to at least damage one of the beasts before his final breath.

His last thought was that of his son: Virgil Marvyn. The boy was Altia's last hope of survival. He only hoped the boy was ready for the coming war.

The End

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