1. Earthbound

This was going to take some getting used to.

I had no idea that having a human body again would be so difficult. It had been a while since my coming here to Rixon, but I was still learning. Everyday I faced something new. I had so many questions that remained unanswered. Like why I felt faint during the middle of the day, why mouthwash burned my mouth, and why painkillers don't to a thing when I have a terrible headache. Which leads to another question: why do I get headaches? None of this made any sense. My brother Stephen was in the same boat and my sister, Lissa was centuries old and used to everything. She did really have exact answers for us, and the ones she gave were vague because of her memory, which had become just like a human's over the time she spent here on Earth.

The house we lived in was grand, far more grand than any of the other houses here in Rixon. We didn't want to attract too much attention, and despite the house's size and old time charm, no one stops and stares in awe. On top of that we don't have to worry about answering the doorbell or knocker and even the phone. It's almost like the house is invisible. I loved it though, and was glad we got to stay here for a while.

The house itself was mesmorizing. It had been built in the late 1800's and the exterior hadn't changed much since then. With the brick structure, large white columns connecting the proch to the roof, and large elegant balcony, the house could have easily been a small mansion. The interior was much more modern. French doors, large bay windows, ands shiny hardwood floors gave it a twenty-first century feel.

Several acres of land surrounded the house, including a magnificant garden and courtyard. Farther back, where no one could directly see, was a pond and a single white bench. I often spent a lot of time out here, just thinking about whatever was on my mind. Sometimes I'd write in my diary, about my hopes for this town or experiences I'd had that day.

The three of us were sitting in the large, spacious living room, listening to the wood crackling in the fireplace when the doorbell rang. Lissa looked up from the book she was reading, Pride and Prejudice and I stopped writing in my diary. Together, we glanced at Michael, who was tossing his newspaper onto the coffee table. He stood from the large armchair and wandered over to the window, peeling back the curtain. He turned to face us. "We have a visitor." He said, looking at us for a moment before heading towards the door.

"Who is it?" I asked, closing the small hardcover green book in my hands. I tied the ribbon around it and smiled down at it, pulling the at the loops so the bow was nice and tight.

"Our mentor." Was all Michael said. With that, he opened the door.

I breathed a sigh of relief. It looked like the answers to my questions were coming after all.

The End

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