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The summer was almost at an end. The warm colors painted in the night sky by the setting sun slowly grew darker as twilight approached. The only sounds were the waves crashing against the white sandy shore below. The sharp, uneven rocks on the cliff's edge hurt my bare feet, but I didn't really notice or care.

The fierce wind blew my dark hair back and caused the forest trees to sway behind me. Bracing myself, I spread my arms wide and let myself fall from the cliff, plumeting rapidly to the ground below. Despite the wind, my body stayed completley horizontal during the fall. I felt the familiar rush course through my veins as my heart raced wildly in my chest. When the adrenaline peaked, a blinding golden light shot out from inside my body, surrounding me. I felt my beautiful white wings burst from behind my shoulder blades. They cast an unusually large shadow on the sand and flapped gently as I pulled myself up and flew gracefully over the vast, open waters.

Then something caught my eye. A young boy, perhaps ten or eleven, had lost all interest in skiping rocks and was now staring up at me in awe. The current rock he held in his hand slipped from his loose fingers and he smiled up at me and waved. He was a human, and he'd seen me. One thought ran through my mind as panic and fear made my body go cold.

What happens now?

The End

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