Memories pg.7Mature

“Regardless, it’ll be too loud.” Yshana rolled her eyes, feigned a growing sense of boredom.

“A ledge then, or a cliff, far away from anybody and everybody.” He tested her stare with resolve.

She remained quiet for a long time, then finally she said, “And I too must confess something. The moment before we do this wicked deed, I am to betray you and help your betrothed fling you from the cliff instead. It’s something we both agreed upon.”

Dwyn gasped on cue. “And you say I’ve seen too many dramas. How nefarious! But wait, why’ve you told me this? Why give yourself away?”

“The truth is,” she said, “you make for a better lover than your betrothed. Barely, though.” Yshana reclined back against the cushion, grinned. She wiggled her leg again. “Higher please . . .”

He obeyed. Dwyn’s hand was now mid-thigh. His chest tightened and he shivered nervously.

“If I don’t fulfill your requirements completely, you’re always free to go,” he said.

“I suppose you could be a bit taller,” she sighed. Then she flinched and giggled. Dwyn was tickling her leg in protest. “Stop, stop! Okay fine, I should let you know . . .  I’d leave, but I’ve nowhere else to go.”

“Nowhere else to go that’s better than here, you mean,” Dwyn prompted.

“Your words, not mine . . . Hey–”

Yshana felt a tug as he pulled her closer. Her hair bunched up behind her head like a wad of cotton. He bent over her, leaned in closer still. For a moment everything was motionless as the halfwall painting. There was rushing and rumbling and erosion all around. But it never moved, never made a sound.

Dwyn noticed his lover batting her lashes, her cherry tongue gliding along her lips in gradual enticement. Then Yshana puckered her lips. He leaned in, closer still . . . He felt the presence of her warmth, smelt the sweetness of cocoanut. Their mouths were centimeters apart, only a soft kiss away, then rat-tat-tat!

The End

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