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“And how is it?” Yshana adjusted herself within the confines of her chair, posing in such a way that nothing but her elfish grandeur glimmered, twinkling like comet tail against the backdrop of nightfall. Draped along her sinuous body was a lovely gown of orange and white, and it reminded Dwyn of peach slices inside a bowl of sweet-cream. Delicious.

Without thinking he said, “It’s to die for.”

Yshana smiled and Dwyn felt a languid ease wash over him like a wave of warm bath water. “You don’t look so bad yourself,” she replied.

Dwyn laughed. His face tightened into a youthful glee as he did so, and for a brief moment it felt good in his heart to laugh honestly again. But Yshana was right; he had arranged himself in a fashion not particular to his usual style. His brick-brown hair was combed over, slick with grease to emulate royal fad. And the quicksilver gray coat lined with ruby red stitches seemed too foppish for his taste. Still, the end result had the desired effect and he knew there was a handsome appeal to him; just another delight for his lover to enjoy.

He leaned backed, straightened out the coat. “I suppose one glass wouldn’t hurt.”

“That’s a good man.” She held aloft her chalice as soon as Dwyn set the bottle down, a to-the-brim full glass now in front of him. “Lover’s always cheer when drinking wine. What shall ours be tonight?”

Dwyn stroked his clean shaven chin, rubbing finger and thumb against a jaw line cut like stone from the quarry. He pretended to wrack his brain with possibilities. He even mouthed a few, hoping this might add some anticipation. Then he lifted his glass as well.

“Our cheer is the only cheer lovers know.” The glass lifted higher. “To love, ‘may it grant us wings to fly,’” he exclaimed.

“To love, ‘may it be a journey without end.’”

Dwyn brought glass to lips, paused. Hesitantly he tilted the glass. Relief came over him when the taste of wine tingled his tongue. He replaced his glass onto the tabletop, watched the rippling wine ebb from rim to center to rim. Was I expecting anything else, he wondered. What a foolish thing to think.

The End

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