"Mr. Mark Fox's body was found last night in Hunter forest at midnight. His body showed signs of being attacked by an extremely large creature. Investigators are looking into this. Back to you Luke."

Allie turned off the T.V with the click.

"Hey dad, how is the investigations going on this case?"

"Not well. The animal that looks like attacked him doesn't live around here." Mr. Walker said as he drank his OJ from a mug that said "#1 best cop" that Allie had made for him when she was in second grade.

"What do you mean?" Allie jumped off the counter and walked over to the fridge.

"Are best guess is that it's a mix of a wolf and a bear.  Just not something you would see here in Utah."

"I guess your right." Allie opend the fridge and grabed some milk.

Allie was skinny and short. Her bright red hair made it look like her head was on fire. And her eyes looked like ice.

Her father and a friend had

The End

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