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A horror story that is being written by someone (or something) that can't really sit through three minutes of a horror story.

He was running. Running through the forest as fast as he could.

You'll never get away from me.

He tripped over a root and face planted into the frozen floor of the forest. 

"Stay away from me!!!" his voice echoed in the still air.

"Run. Hide. Never. Work." laughter erupeted from my hellhound.

The man scrambled to his feet. His face was white, sticks in his hair, a thin cut on his cheek and he looked as if he was being corned by a ghost.

"Come. To. Me."

"NO!" He ran.


The hellhound jumped on the man. He screamed and tried to fight. But it was useless to fight a hellhound that was intent on the hunt.

My feet were an inch from the ground as I walked over to his lifeless body. Bending down I sucked his soul into myself. It felt so good to consume a soul again.

After a thousand years of being  containted in a jar by that stupid Tom Markval I was ready to have my revenge on his decendents.

                                                                 It was time.

The End

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