Chapter 6



I trained with Tori for hours, I tried to move things with my mind, and I tried desperately to reach my inner zen, and at this point I would have been satisfied with a simple card trick.

It had been a very long three days, and every time I closed my eyes I dreamed of the fountain with the silver mist.

Although the man never reappeared his words still whispered through my mind when I saw it.

Drink or you will die.”

A shiver ran down my spine.

I was sitting on my bed, it was late, and I had been trying for an hour to find the power everyone kept talking about, and I was beginning to believe everyone had the wrong girl.

What was this power supposed to feel like any way? Finn had told me it felt a lot like sunlight.

Sorry but the sun wasn't shining tonight.

I sighed as I flopped back onto my pillows.

Maybe after I got a little sleep I'd see things differently...








I was dreaming of the forest again.

I made my way down the familiar path to the fountain.

The mist swirled around my feet, whispering to me.

Drink” it seemed to say.

No.” I refused as I stepped closer to the fountain.

What if it's your power?” It whispered.

I shook my head and sat down on the edge of the fountain.

Was this a Cyrah? Was someone sneaking into my mind as I slept?

Tori had explained That a Cyrah was a powerful telepath, they could kill you just by entering your mind.

Would I die if I drank from the Fountain? Or was it really my power? If I didn't drink would I ever be able to do anything more then trip over my own feet?

Drink.” The mist whispered again as it caressed my ankles.



Liz!” I woke suddenly.

Finn was shaking me, there was a loud crackling sound coming from the hall, and the room was filled with smoke.


We have to move.” He said as he pulled me from the bed.


I started coughing.


What's happening?” I demanded as I followed him quickly to the window, and watched as he opened it.


They've found us...We have to jump.” He said motioning to the ground below.


No way, we're on the second floor!” I squeaked backing away.


Liz there's no other way out, the whole place has been set on fire, this jump is the least of our worries.”He explained grabbing my arm and pulling me closer to the window.


Hold on superman, although you can fly, I'm still going to break a leg or something.” I said shaking my head.


Just hold on to me, it will be alright.” He said climbing onto the window sill.


I sighed in frustration but did as he said, and I ended up sitting on his lap with my arms wrapped around his neck and my face tucked into his shoulder.


This would have been a very butterfly in your stomach kind of moment,if we weren't hanging out of a window on the second floor of a burning building.


Did I mention I'm afraid of heights?” I muttered and then he jumped.





We landed very lightly and although I would have loved to linger in his arms, we quickly started running.


Where is every one?” I asked, just now realizing they could still be in the house.


I'm not sure.” Finn said grimly we slowed down and then he was peering around the corner of the house.


Three Davers are headed our way fast.” He explained and then he was taking his shirt off.


Um what are you...” I couldn't finish as I stared at his chest.

We were back to the romance novel, Bow chicka wow wow...

Then he started to shimmer.

I watched as his form shifted and morphed, under the mist I could see fur and then wings.


Finn had the body of a giant lion, the fur rippled down his back, his wings spread out and then he looked at me with the head of an eagle.It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.


Climb onto my back.” His voice whispered through my mind.


Um..” I said hesitant until I heard the howls of the Davers.


Now Liz!”


Okay!” I said as I clumsily tried to climb onto his back. And then “Sorry!” horrified as I pulled a feather out.




Okay, okay!” I grumbled as I wrapped my arms around his neck.


Hold on.” He started to run, then spread his wings and we were flying.






I tried to keep my eyes closed as we soared over the burning house and away from the Davers.


What about the others?” I shouted sick from being so high and from fear.


They'll be alright.” He replied flying higher into the sky.



We flew for what seemed like eternity.

It was a cold night, and I was half frozen by the time we landed.

Where are we?” I asked trying to keep my teeth from chattering long enough to speak.


Another safe house, in this area its mostly farms, we should be safe here for a few days” He replied.

I looked around us.

There was a cottage a few yards away, It was sitting on a hill that led down into grassy fields.

I suppressed a shiver,it was late autumn and very cold.

I made a mental note to sleep fully clothed from now on.





Tori and Sam hadn't made it yet, but Finn assured me that they were okay and taking a less direct route after taking Bryce to a healer.

The Davers had attacked as soon as they made it out of the house, and Bryce had been injured pretty badly.

After checking the grounds Finn had changed shape and returned with a blanket for me.

We were now sitting in the kitchen waiting.

So you and Sam...are Griffins?” I asked.


Yes.”He said forcing a smile.


What is Bryce?”


He used to be a Griffin, but last year he was infected with the blood of a Feuro.”


I thought about this for a moment.

Feuros were “vampires”, except from what I understood none of our myths we're actually true, except the drinking blood part.


So what does that make him now?” I asked hesitantly.

He is stuck in his human form, he cannot become a griffin, but he is not completely a Feuro either.” Finn said getting up to make another pot of tea.



How old is Tori?” I asked wondering why I hadn't thought about that sooner.


I'm unsure, Azaia live for centuries, they don't age unless they want to, and its hard to tell with them unless you have been their Guard from the beginning.”


Are you my Guardian?” I asked as I swirled my coffee around my cup.


Yes I am.”he said as he finally sat back down.


Are you immortal as well?” I asked looking up into his blue black eyes.


No...Griffin's age a lot slower then humans, we can live for centuries if we're lucky, but eventually we become old.”


How old are you?”


I'm fifty.” he replied smiling.


Wow, you old man!” I teased.


Fifty is the new twenty didn't you know that?” he said grinning.


I laughed out loud.


How does that work? When your a baby do you stay that way for a long time?”


No when we are babies we actually grow normally, our aging doesn't start to slow until the first time we change.”


There was still so much about this new world that I knew very little about.

How long do you think it will take the Davers to find us here?” I asked wrapping my blanket a little tighter around myself.


I'm not sure.”


What if I'm not able to find my power?” I asked looking down at my empty coffee cup.


You will.” He assured me.




The End

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