Open your eyes


Chapter 5



I was lost.

And alone.

There was a gray mist covering the ground as I wandered aimlessly.

I was in some kind of forest or wooded area. The trees surrounding me were the largest trees I had ever seen, They towered over me like giants.

The wind whispered through the leaves, and brushed my face, causing the mist to swirl at my feet.

"At least the spiders are gone." I told myself as I wandered through the mist.

"Is any one there?" I asked out loud.

My words echoed back to me from the trees.

"Don't freak, this isn't real." I reminded myself.

I could hear water trickling to my left, it sounded like a spring or a creek.

I followed the sound through the trees.

As I walked the trees began to become denser, branches began to scratch at my clothes and face.

I squeaked when I walked into a spiders web.

"Not you again!" I whispered fiercely swatting at my hair and face.

I continued towards the sound of water but stopped when I heard foot steps behind me.

Unsure if it was a friend or foe I listened intently for a moment.

Was I even sure I still had friends? They were all crazy, and this whole night was probably a bad trip off of acid or something,I was cursing myself for even coming to England at all.

The foot steps continued to my right and then slowly faded away.

Considering everything that had already happened to me, I wasn't sure what do to.

"Wake up!" I told myself sternly.

First wolves, then crazy relatives that turn into birds or whatever, spiders, and now creepy mist and footsteps! I wasn't sure if I could take much more without snapping.

"Should have asked them what MY super power was." I mumbled to myself as I slowly moved toward the sound of water again, This seemed the safest choice since it went away from the foot steps.

I finally came to a clearing and was surprised that the sound of water wasn't a spring at all, but a very large fountain.

Two stone statues were wrapped in an embrace, with the water running down over them.

They were beautiful, naked, and upon closer inspection looked completely tormented.

The water was a shimmery silver color.

It hardly looked like water at all, it seemed to swirl with a life of its own.


"Drink." The word whispered through my mind.

I looked around the clearing.

"Who's there?" I said barely above a whisper.


"You must drink." Again the words whispered through my mind.


"No way, just say no to drugs, that's my motto." I replied sarcastically more to myself then to the voice in my head.

There was no way I was drinking anything, real or fake.


"If you do not drink you will die." This time the words came from directly behind me.

I spun around almost tripping and then stumbled backwards when I saw the man.


He was handsome, dressed in black, with black hair, black eyes, and an olive complexion


"Who are you?"


"The fountain is your power, you must drink it too survive." He said suddenly behind me.


I gasped as I spun around once again.




He laughed.


"You look like her..." He took a step towards me.

I stumbled backwards and fell into an abyss.










I woke up in a bed, with the scent of lavender lingering in the air.

"What the hell?" I grumbled as I sat up.

The room was dim, and I was once again alone in a strange new place.

Finn?” I called out as I got out of bed.

There was a small dresser, a side table with a lamp, and little else in the room.

I walked to the door, then peered out into the hall.

It was dim as well, which added to the creepy feeling crawling down my spine.

I tried to walk as quietly as possible, as I made my way down the hall and into yet another dimly lit room.

Where is everyone?” I whispered.

This room was set up like a sitting room, it had two small couches, a chair, and a coffee table.

There was a closed door on the other side of the room, the light on the other side made a halo around the edges.

As I got closer to the door I could hear voices on the other side.

....How long do we have before the seeker finds us again?”

I've placed wards on the house, and surrounding area' could be days before they are able to pick up her mental trail again.”

If we can train her it might buy us some time.....shes awake.”

The door opened and light spilled onto my face.

Finn stood in the door way.

How are you feeling?” He asked motioning me to enter the room.

Groggy.”I replied as I walked past him.

It was a small kitchen, Sam was leaning against a wall, his shirt was torn and there was dried blood on his face, Bryce was standing beside him, he was missing his shirt and was splattered with dried blood as well.

Sorry about that.” Tori said as I walked past her.

So anyone want to fill me in on where we are?” I asked.

I'll make some coffee.” Sam offered moving to the sink.

We're right outside of Oxfordshire.” Finn said offering me a chair.

So what drugs am I coming off of?” I asked as I sat down.

Bryce smirked.

Tori sighed and then sat across from me.

Elizabeth we don't have time for this again.”

Liz.” I corrected her.

The sooner you start to believe us, the safer it will be for all of us.” She said tapping the table with her fingers.

I recognized it as a nervous gesture, I did it often when I was frustrated.


Your Mother Sien was a Powerful Azaian of the Truax Family, Typically Azaia have one child or Twins, but your mother was forced to take on the Transformation of a Feuro By Zane. He was in love with your mother, and thought that by changing her , she would give into him.”

The Feuro can not have children, but some how your mother became pregnant with you.

She went into hiding when a seeker predicted that your birth would be the end to the war that has been raging between our people for centuries.”

Zane was the leader of the Feuros at the time, he was also the only son of Malakai...When Sien disappeared he went crazy, he searched for her, abandoning the Feuros. That is when Malakai woke from his 300 year sleep.”

When Zane finally found your mother she had already given birth and placed you with William who was your mothers Guardian, William had taken you and his wife to the states, hiding you from Malakai and Zane.”

Elizabeth as a baby you were already powerful, when you cried it rained, and if you wanted something it would appear in your hand in an instant. You're mother new that if you were to live a normal life and stay in hiding, she would have to bind your power... Unfortunately it took most of her power to bind you, before she sent you away with William.”

I sighed, It hadn't been very long since I lost my father, but it felt like years.

When Zane found her she was not strong enough to fight him, and when she refused to tell him where to find you, he killed her.”Sam said taking over the story where Tori had left off.

Tori has been trying to undo the magic your mother placed over you for weeks, but she hasn't had any success, Sien was very powerful, and we do not know if she ever intended for you to be found.”Sam said as he placed a cup of coffee in front of me,

So how was I found?” I asked.

William sent a message to us right before he died, The Daver's had found you once before when you were 5, when Mya died. Do you remember anything about that time in your life?” Sam asked me gently.

I shook my head, “Only that when she died we moved around a lot until we ended up in LA.” I told them.

William sent the message telling me of your location and that he suspected the Daver's might have found you again.”Tori said tapping her fingers on the table once again.

We suspect that as you've gotten older your power has grown enough that the seekers are starting to sense it.”

Did my father die in a car accident?” I asked trying to swallow the lump that was growing in my throat.

Finn was suddenly standing beside me with his hand on my shoulder.

No, William was killed by a Cyrah.”he said.










Once upon a time, in a far off land, a not so normal girl, had dreamed of being a lawyer, or maybe a doctor.

She had normal friends, played soccer, and contemplated how many children she would have if she ever met her Prince Charming.

Now that girl was sitting in a bed of grass watching the crazy people do magic tricks.


Elizabeth are you paying attention at all?” Tori asked in frustration.

Yes..” I sighed.

She was showing me how to tap into my “power”.

I watched as she once again explained it to me.


You have to reach deep inside of yourself and concentrate on your energy, when you feel it start to build I want you to picture in your minds eye a small bird.”


Does it have to be a bird?” I asked as I closed my eyes.


Azaia are sky people, our easiest form is a bird.” She explained.


So it has to be a bird.”


I don't care if you change into a snail just as long as you do it.” She snapped.


I suppressed the urge to smile.


Should I hum or something?” I asked closing my eyes.


I'm done.” Tori snapped and then I heard the sound of her foot steps as she walked away.



You really know how to push her buttons.” Finn said appearing directly beside me.


Don't do that to me!” I said startled.


He smiled and then sat down in the grass beside me.


Seriously, cardiac arrest isn't the way I plan to go.” I chastised.


And how do you plan on going?” He asked seriously.


Until a couple of days ago I had hoped I'd be old and asleep when it happened.” I replied.


And now?”


Now I just hope to survive the week.”I said sighing.


Then you should take Tori more seriously.”


I know.” I said as I closed my eyes once again.
















The End

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