Chapter Four




"I told you she wasn't ready."


"No Finn, this is your fault,you should have listened to me, I told you they would be waiting to catch her scent!"


I felt someones hand touch my face, and I realized I was slumped against something soft, but my neck was at an uncomfortable angle.


"Arguing helps nothing." That sounded like Sam.


"Sam's right, we are wasting time." Finn whispered fiercely.


I heard some one sigh.


"She wont listen, I can hear it in her thoughts, she has mentally checked out." Tori explained.


What were they going on about? My head was so cloudy that nothing was making any sense.


"Give me permission to talk to her." Finn demanded.


I heard another sigh, " Fine...." I felt a hand brush across my face once again..." Elizabeth ....are you alright?" I opened my eyes, Tori's face smiled back at me.


Suddenly images started to wiz through my head, the Dogs, Finn, a white Owl.

I looked past her, Finn was standing right behind her, his face unreadable, Sam was a few feet away, standing next to him was a young guy I had never seen before. He was tall, and lean, he had blonde hair that was spiked out in all directions, he grinned when he noticed I was a wake.


I sat up quickly, then slumped back a little as a wave of dizziness hit me.

"What's going on?" I mumbled squeezing my eyes tightly closed.


"You fainted." The stranger said, he sounded amused.

"Not possible, I don't faint." I corrected as I opened my eyes again.


"Yeah, so what do you call this?" He asked looking pointedly at my position.


"Stuff it Bryce ." Sam said nudging him with his elbow.


I watched as the strangers grin became wider.


"Let Finn explain." Tori told them, then she smiled at me again before leaving the room, I watched as Sam and Bryce followed.

When the door closed, Finn knelt beside me, "Are you alright?"

"You tell me." I said smiling as I tried to sit up straighter.

"What do you remember?"

I tried to think of the last thing I could remember, and then I laughed a little, "I don't know but I dreamed that Tori turned into a bird."

"Maybe I should start from the beginning." He said as he moved a little away so that he could see my face.

"Many centuries ago, there was an out break of disease, my ancestor Gaius was afflicted with it, first he broke out in fevers and sweats, his skin began to peal off, and he became horribly disfigured, he prayed for the gods to deliver him from his misery."

"In the forest a Lion heard the mans pleas, he went to an eagle who was wise, the lion explained to the eagle that he had foreseen the mans future, and asked how he could save him, the eagle said the only way to save the mans life was to sacrifice his own, so the lion went back to the man and lept into his body, sacrificing himself , but still the disease lived on, the man began to have seizures, and he called out to the gods for mercy once again."

"Having seen the sacrifice of the lion, the eagle decided he would honor the lions vision and the eagle lept into the mans body, but still the disease lived on."

"In the heavens, Charis, the daughter of the sun watched as the man grew closer to death, she watched as first the lion, then the eagle sacrificed themselves, she went to her mother the sun, but was forbidden to interfere with the fates."

"Charis disobeyed her mother and went to the fates, she begged them to spare the mans life. The fates were jealous of her beauty, and they saw that Charis was in love with the mortal Gaius, they bargained that if Charis would banish herself to earth and give up her love of Gaius, that they would spare the mans life, she agreed."

"The fates were deceitful, and callous, once Charis had abandoned her family, and banished herself to earth, the fates saved Gaius by transforming him into a Griffin, he had the body of a lion, but the head and wings of an eagle."

"When Charis's mother found out what had happened she took pity on Gaius, she gave him the ability to change his shape from Griffin to man but only if Gaius swore to protect her daughter."


"That is how my family became what we are today."


He paused for a moment and then continued.


"Charis would never walk in the heavens with her family again, and she could never love Gaius openly because of her bargain with the fates."


"So what happened to her?"


"She eventually married a king, they had twins; Adolf and Alvena, and because Charis had been a goddess, the children were powerful and Immortal as well."


"The kings brother Malakai was a jealous man, but he was a man of great magic and power also, When he discovered who Charis was he kidnapped her and for years tried to bleed the power from her."


"He created an army of immortals, I believe the myths call them vampires, but they are known to us as Feuros."






Okay so I have officially stepped out of my mystery novel and right into the science fiction section.

Has everyone lost their minds? Or am I dreaming?

"Finn you cant really believe all this stuff?" I shook my head and stared up at the ceiling.

I felt him grab my hand and I looked down, his hand was warm and soothing.

"Too bad your only hope is a complete nut case"

I looked into Finn's blue black eyes waiting for a reply,but then suddenly his hand started to get warmer, it became hot so hot that I looked down and stared as his hand began to shimmer and swirl, I tried to move, but I couldn't pull my hand away.

Suddenly I was holding a very large golden paw where his hand should have been.

I jerked my hand away and looked up into his face.

"Do you believe me now?"




No for your information I did not faint again,I didn't scream, and I didn't freak out.

Okay maybe I freaked out a little.



"What the hell!" I jumped out of my chair almost knocking Finn over in the process.


"What is it?" Sam said as he rushed into the room.


"It's okay." Finn told him standing up.


I looked at his hand again, but it was back to normal.


"Have you guys drugged me?" This was the most logical answer to what was now happening to me.


They stared at me wordlessly, asking me with their eyes if I was serious.


"Liz.." Finn began but paused when Tori came into the room.


"Listen Elizabeth we have to leave soon, and I need you to understand whats going on." She said impatiently.


"So your telling me that your immortals, and there is an army of vampires coming for me?


"Its not a very large army love." Bryce said from the door.


"Not yet anyway." Sam chimed in.


"Oh that makes me feel much better thanks." I replied sarcastically, and then "Can some one take me to the Airport please?"


"Liz you don't get it, they are coming for you, it doesn't matter if you go home, they will find you." Finn said running his hands through his black hair.


"I don't believe this, why would anyone want to come for me? I've never done anything to anyone!"

My head was spinning with all their craziness.


"A seeker has told the King of the Feuros that you will end the war." Tori explained.


"And what is a seeker?" I asked.


"A seeker love, is a nasty little creature, with the ability to see the future." Bryce replied.


And then we heard the sound of glass shattering.

Everyone sprinted into motion, Finn grabbed my arm, pulled m close and slightly behind him.

Sam and Bryce ran out of the room, and Tori began to chant something under her breath.

"Whats going on?" I whispered terrified to find out the answer.

"Some ones found out we're here, lets hope its the Davers, and not something more serious." Finn replied.

"Someone needs to call animal control already." I muttered.

It earned a small laugh from Finn, and then I heard a lot of scuffling,and growling.

Tori continued to chant.

"What exactly are the Davers?" I asked.

"They are soulless mercenaries, they used to be King Malakai's guard dogs."

"We have to go now." Tori cut in.

Finn grabbed my hand, which would have been cute, if I wasn't completely freaked out.

We followed Tori out of the room and down the hall.

I gasped when I saw blood on the floor leading to one of the Davers, its throat was torn open.

Finn squeezed my hand and continued to pull me forward.

We walked past two more decapitated Davers before we made it to the back door.

Sam was sitting in the black car again with in engine running.

And then I screamed as a thousand hairy black spiders came towards us from every direction.

"What is it?" Finn asked shaking me.

"Get them away from me!" I screamed again as I kicked a spider that had reached my leg, then I twisted and ducked as another jumped towards my head.

"Its in her head, she has no mental shields, they have a Cyrah." Tori said reaching for me.

"Sleep." her voice echoed inside my head, and everything went black.































The End

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