Titanic House

Ronnie Evans finds an old house and turns it into something beautiful

Nolan and I walked, slowly and calmly, like happy, comfortable snails. The hard apsalt path pushing us up, up into a hill. Tall, colorful flowers bloomed and showed themselves off by our feet. The park around us was bright green, the color of Nolan's eyes and my shirt. The sky was resembling a long, blue and white quilt covering us, like a tent, protecting. The calm, cool lake reflecting the bright quilt above and giving gentle ripples as it slowly was kindly disurbed by boats and swimmers. The day was beautifully perfect, as if some famous, eropean painter had created this day, many years ago. 

I sighed a colossal sigh as Nolan did the same. This day was one in a life time and I wanted niether of us to miss it. Suddenly, as if making an anoucnement saying..."Here I am! Notice me!" Nolan dropped to the fresh, sweet grass and rolled on top, his giant Titanic tee shirt moving as he did. His voice was like a dinosuar's, corse and loud and agressive. He never spoke in words, but he still made noise. He was my own personal radio. "ROAR! CLAP! GRUNT! WHINE! WHOO-HOO!"  was all I, and everyone else within a 55 meter radius of him, could hear. But they didn't know that he was happy. And they didn't know that he was probably the happiest man in the park.

It was the soccer mom with too boys. One boy pulled his middle finger for Nolan, who didn't notice any of this. The other one, younger, walked right up to Nolan, his nose just about touching the boy. He said in a high pitched voice that made mickey mouse seem like James Earl Jones, as if it was perfectly normal...
"are you a retard?"
My mouth dropped, I felt like a ton of bricks had just fallen on everything, But then I relaxed...
"no" I said after taking a deep breath. "he has a disability known as Autism. It means that in your head, you're alone and you don't really notice people around you. So when he wants to do something like roll around and scream, in his mind no one is here to say no"

The boy did nothing but blink. The mother was even louder than Nolan..."Calvin!" her heavyset body yanked the little boy. her voice was slurred, aggresive. The woman was most likely drunk. "get away from the Reatrd and the phsyco woman who thinks he's normal" My fist clenched. My heart thumped, once twice. The woman's face jerked back as my hand flew, like a bird, along her face.  I took Nolan by the hand and went to find another park.

The End

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