Chapter fiveMature

 Shane walked over to me and gave me a bow. I rolled my eyes at him, he gave me a nice nod and turned around to make sure that the two men were still on the stairs. Once he was done, he grabbed me by the shoulder and walked me farther and farther away from the door way.

  "Tess as a respectable young man, i would advise you to go back to your cabin" He told me, trapping me into a corner.
 "And as a respectable young man should" i paused, "Yet somehow such a respectable young man like yourself, is hanging out with those drunkerds" i told him.
 "Now that is none of you buissness" he informed me, pointing his index finger infront of my face.
 I moved his hand, "It is if they are going to harm me, or my sister" i told him. 
 Shane shook his head, "That is precicley the point!" Shane said. placing his and on his forehead.
 "Calm down" i told him soothingly.
 Shane nodded, "The reason i pulled you over here, was so that they would think that you were mine, and believe me...if they thought that, they wouldnt harm you" he told me.
   Ok now i was remakablly confused, how did we get from arguing, from him asking me to fake a relashonship.  I shook my head.
  "Wait what?" i asked him.
 "Well...oh its nothing come, take my hand and i will talke you back to your cabin" he insisted hoding his hand beside my hip. I took it, knowing that those drunk men would try to hurt me.

The End

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