Chapter FourMature

  After i had had dinner i went to the dance hall, with my family. I sat on the sidelines watching my mother and father dance together, and watch my little brother play with some of the littler children along with a few young ladies his age, Even though John was almost thirteen, he still had a right to flirt and dance, it was all in the fun of things.

   The smell of alcohal filled my lungs and i coughed. I got up and went to my mother and told her that i was going to walk around for a while, before, coming to bed, all she did was nod and kiss me and my sister on the forehead.

  I left the room, roaming through the halls, starting to get lost i went back the way i came and found that i must have taken the wrong turn. because i ended up at the stairell that lead me to the second class level. I climed quietly up the stairs,  hoping that my loud feet didnt disturb anyone.  There were a few people, walking about for a latenight stroll, i walked along the inside deck, looking outside the windows at the crystal blue ocean and big moon.  I got the door that lead to the outside boat deck, i looked at my sleeping sister, she had a blanket wrapped around her.

 "Ok im going out" i told sophie whispering, as i opened the heavy door.

  At first there was a rush of noise, but after awhile it just got a little cold the noise didnt bother me. I shifted my sister so that she was cradeled tight against me, so that she would keep warm. I walked over to the railing.

  I was finally relaxing, until i hear a loud noise come from behinde me, i looked up on the first class deck, It was Shane, and he had a few other men with him who were obviously drunk.

    " Tess!" Shane said as he climed down the stairs.

 I looked at him as he stumbled my way. I didnt Not know what i was getting into.

The End

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