Chapter ThreeMature

I took my mothers hand in mine, "Mama whats wrong with him?" i asked her.
 she sighed, "Nothing". My mama patted my hand and grinned, there was somthing she was hiding from me, she wasnt going to tell me, but i just had to deal with that.

I went and lyed down beside my baby sister, i lyed there perched on my elbow, i was looking down at my little sister, she was lying there looking up at me, her big brown eyes, having no end. Sophie's eyelids fluttered then she fell back to sleep.

 I ran my had through Sophie's hair, Her soft brown curls, sliding through my grip. Just then she rolled over so her back was to my mother, my mama, looked at me with tears in her eyes.
 "Mama?" i asked her.
 "She always did love you" she told me.
I smiled.

 My father came in, looked at me and Sophie, and then turned to my mother. i guess they were talking about my eggsertions above deck, because my father kept looking at me.

 I just sighed it off, so what if i had met sombody in first class, to me it was not such a big of a deal.


The End

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