chapter 2Mature

      Mama, papa, John, Sophie and i all got in line. John was looking at the ship with big wide eyes, My mama was talking to my papa...well it was more like she was gossiping to my papa about who she had heard, was on the ship.  I just stood there with sophie in my arms, she was still reasting, as she breathed in she sighed. If only i was that young responsibileties.

 we were the first on, i said goodbye to papa and John, and walked with mama and sophie to our room. I sat down on the bed across from mama,
"Tess I think i will have a little you mind taking care of you little sister for me?" my Mama asked me.
I shook my head, "No of course not mama" i told her smiling.

 Once my mama was asleep i took Sophie out for a little walk. I walked all the way down to the Grad Staircase...and my was it grand, it still smelled like oak. I continued all the way up to First class.

 I walked over to the dining hall...i had gotten a few stares from other women and men...probubly thinking that she was my daughter...well we did have that relashonship...but i was not her mama. I turned around ashamed and ended up bumping into a man, my face flushed and i looked down at my feet ashamed.
 "I am so sorry sir!" i said, quickly over looking him making sure i did not dirty his jacket. 
 "It is no problem at all" he said with a smile. 
 "Thank you sir" i said, looking at his face. He had Beautiful Blue eyes and the darkest brown hair i have ever seen. 

  "Where did you come from?" he asked me, 
 "Third class sir..." i said , a tad ashamed. 
 He laughed a little, "A young lady as pretty as you...from third class...i dont believe it" 
 "I'm sorry sir...but it is the truth... as proof i am not dressed like the rest of the other women in this part of the ship" i said, showing him my dress, which made me have to move Sophie...which made her stir and whiper.
 "Oh im sorry little one" i said, putting her back in her favourite position. 
 The man chuckled, "What is it sir?" 
 "Nothing...and you may call me Shane...I'm certinly not old enough to be a sir" he said with a smile. 
 "i'm sorry si..sorry...Shane"
 "Tell me...whats your name?" he orderd, 
 "I'm Tess...Tess Edwards" I told him, Shane nodded.
 "wel its a pleasure to meet you Tess...not to kick you out of this area...but i think i should escort you back to your courters" he said, holding head up...tring to look like an older gentilmen.
 "No really you dont" I said trying to protest.
 "Ok...but i will see you again Tess" Shane said with a drin on his face. 
 I nodded, "I would like that" i said, continuing down the stairs.


 When i got back to my cabin, my mama was up and she was reading a book about America.
 "Hello mama" I said whipering,
 "why are you whispering?" Mama asked.
 I Moved Sophie a tad and then put her on my bed in between two pillows, my mama nodded.
 "I went on an adventure Mama" i told her sitting down beside her,
 "And i met someone"
 "What was this persons name?" she said with intrest
 "His name was Shane...I didnt get his last name though..."
 "Oh no....."

The End

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