Titanic : from my point of viewMature

Tess is sixteen years old, she is immagrating with her family to new york for a new life. They board the ship Titanic...(we all know what happend to the ship)... and while on the ship Tess meets Shane a rich first class passenger. Tess begins to fall in love with him..., on April 14 1912 the titanic hit the iceburg.
Will Tess, Shane and Tess's family escape in time...or will they all parish along with the ship.

                                                  Chapter 1       

   Mama and papa were talking about what our new lives would be like in New York city. Papa was driving uncle Paul's car, John was sitting beside me playing with a piece of string. Sophie was sleeping in my arms, her little angel face at peace...inside her little imaginary world.
 "Tess, John tomorrow we will be waking up very early and were going down to the docks"My mama said pinning up her long brown hair. "Yes Mama" John and i replied.

 When we got to my uncle Pauls home, my mama helped my aunt Lucy with dinner. As the eldest girl in the home that wasn't alowed to cook i took care of Sophie and my uncle and aunts babes. Beth and Ann were playing with a little rocking horse by the fire while i held sophie.  

                                                 *    *   *  

        At dinner that night my aunt Lucy and mama were talking to me and John about what could happen on a ship, mama also mentiond that her, sophie and I would be in a room at one end of the ship while Papa and John would be at the other end. I nodded not really listening to them...i know it was rude but i was to tierd to care, After dinner i retierd. I was sharing a room with Beth and Ann.

   The next morning when i woke up it was astill dark, my mama was shaking my shoulder.
 "Tess wake up darling and get on your good clothes" my mama said with a beautiful smile.
 I nodded. Once i got dressed i joined my brother and little sister in the car. Papa came out and handed John and I each a bread roll,
 "Bye Tess, John, Sophie" my aunt Lucy said to us waving.
 My uncle Paul started the engine, i could feel the excitment grow in the vehicle.

 We got to the docks, dawn was breaking over horizion.
 "Just one hour until we can get in line" my mama said, looking anxtiously at my papa. Papa nodded, and looked at the ship. I must say it was amazing.

The End

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