The Thanksgiving Dinner from Hell

"Who's ready for some food?" Michele said in an upbeat tone, much better than how she was earlier. 

A majority of the family cheered when the food was brought out by Rose, Michele, and Jenna; Michele's oldest daughter. After all the food was set, and Michele's grandfather had said grace, the family dug into the food that sat before them. Rose nudged Michele smiling, "Looks like everyone else is enjoying your food." Michele laughed. Finally, Michele thought. Finally all was well and it was going to be the perfect night. Until Vivian decided to open her mouth. 

"How can you eat this slop? I mean, it was made by her! The child killer!" Vivian shouted in great disgust.

"Vivian!" Rose shouted.

Michele ran out of the dining room, crying her eyes out. Everyday Michele had tried to forget that fateful night when she was told her fourth child had been stillborn. It seemed though that Vivian enjoyed reminding her. Out of the three kids Rose had, Michele was Vivian's least favorite. If it wasn't her house, it was her habits, if it wasn't her habits, it was the way she talked. Every little thing was a chance for Vivian to make Michele feel worthless. Not tonight. Vivian would not ruin this perfect night. Michele found what little courage she had and went back into the dining room.

"Out!" Michele shouted.

"You invited everyone here. I will leave when I feel it necessary to leave." Vivian said giving a little laugh. "Remember who I am!"

"I do remember who you are. You were the worst aunt a child could ever have. Oh, and that miscarriage, had nothing to do with me. Remember that! Now leave!" Michele screamed.

"If you weren't such a drunk!" Vivian sneered as she grabbed her purse and grabbing her husband. "We're leaving!"

Her husband looked at her and laughed. "No, you're leaving. I came for a nice family Thanksgiving dinner, that is what I am going to get. Whether you like it or not!" 

Never in the family's history had Vivian's husband been known to stick up to Vivian. The entire table looked at him in awe. Michele snickered. Rose bursted out laughing. The rest of the table sat there with their mouths wide open. One of Michele's aunts nudged her son. "Close your mouth. You have turkey hanging out to your neck." 

Michele so kindly opened the front door of her house. "This is a door Vivian. Don't let it hit you on the way out." Vivian stood there with her mouth open, trying to search for words but finding none. "Goodbye Vivian." Michele said as she pushed Vivian out and shut the door.

"Now, who wants wine?" Michele asked in a cheery tone.

The End

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