The Aunt from Down Under

The doorbell rang and the throng of family members flooded inside the house. Standing at the foot of the stairs was Michele. She was in a red cocktail dress and a pair of formal heels. The woman that stood before them, once looked like a disheveled housewife, but she was talented enough to put herself together at a moments notice. She looked around her house with bliss. 

"Welcome family, I welcome you to my home for another Thanksgiving dinner." Michele said looking at everyone in the room.

Michele turned on the ball of her foot and walked into the kitchen to get the turkey ready. This night had to be perfect. Her aunt, whom she was so hoping wouldn't show, was there. Delightful. "Would you like some help with that?" a woman asked. Michele turned around to notice that it was her mother. 

"Yes mother. Thank you." Michele said with the largest smile on her face.

"I know it's hard," Michele's mother paused as she tasted the turkey, her face showed approval. "With your aunt Vivian here. I think everyone was hoping that she wouldn't show up." Michele's mother put her hand on Michele's cheek. "This dinner will be perfect. It has been for the past five years."

"I know mother. It's just ever since that day, Aunt Vivian has looked at me like I'm some sort of monster. I wish she would realize it wasn't my fault!" Michele said, her voice beginning to rise. 

"What's all this chitter chat? Where is the food?" Vivian said in her usual snotty tone.

"Aunt Vivian, so nice to see you again. How have you been this past year?" Michele asked, trying to muster out a polite tone. 

"I don't want small talk! I want food. Looks like as usual you aren't prepared. Such a shame." Vivian said.

"The food is right here Vivian!" Michele's mother said in an irritated tone, pointing at the food.

"If it pleases you to call that slop, food. Be it at your will Rose." Vivian sneered, then walked out of the kitchen.

Rose looked over at Michele, noticing that she was letting out a small, yet silent cry. Rose knew that Vivian made Michele upset every year. Every year Michele would work for two days straight, making sure that this dinner was perfect. Every year, Vivian would then come in and bash it and make Michele feel like a horrible person. 

"Well Michele, should we bring the food out to the table?" Rose asked, trying to cheer up her daughter.

"Why not. I mean, what more could Vivian do?" Michele said letting out a small laugh.

What could Vivian poosibly do to make such a perfect night, be remembered as the Thanksgiving Dinner from Hell?

The End

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