‘I hope you took me away from my drink for a good reason, Mia.'
She gives me a chilling look, colder and more cutting than the still sharp night air. I would be intimidated if I didn't already know exactly what she wanted, or that I was a least five times stronger than her.
‘Don't look at me like that, Mia.'
‘Don't keep secrets from us.'
‘I'm not'
‘There's something your not telling us, Sal. Something about that girl, you've been acting funny about her all night.'
‘Mia, keep your voice down-'
‘See! What don't you want us to know Sal? What is it?'
Ignoring the almost desperate note in Mia's voice, I pull the door fully shut behind me, as I turn to look Mia in the eyes. Even in the near pitch dark I can tell from Mia's reaction the fierceness of my expression is perfectly visible. I continue talking, the vicious tone which my whisper has adopted actually surprises me a little.
‘Miyako, don't make me lose my temper.'
‘If it's a fight your after Sal, you can count me in. I wont have you keeping things from us, we're supposed to be working together.'
‘We on a job Mia, that's all.'
Mia's bright blue eyes are filling with tears but she's refusing to back down, staring belligerently up at me. My eyes must be near black, but she doesn't shy away. This surprises me further. I realize that she's shaking with suppressed anger. After a beat she looks down and I'm left wondering what she was thinking. I almost go to find out, before pulling myself up sharply. That would be crossing a line.
Her voice is more hesitant now. Mia calming herself down is a rare thing, she's trying so hard to do the right thing. Poor girl, this is a good job for her to be leading, she must have felt a lot of pressure to not screw it up, and apparently it was only dawning on her now that being a leader required more than thinking quickly and holding your own in a fight. It requires experience and most importantly, a damn good team that you can control.
‘-it looks like you scared of her, Sal. But she's just a kid? Only a few years older than Caex by the looks of things, so what if we didn't know we weren't alone? Your not that insecure are you?'
She's looking up at me now, I'm no longer looking at her I turned my gaze to the moon instead, but I caught the movement of her spiky blonde hair as she raised her head. Thankfully I also caught the teasing note in her voice. She would be in a lot of trouble right now otherwise. I'm not in a mood to be patronised.
The moon is only a thin waning sliver tonight, but I still find it very beautiful. I can make out each little crater in immaculate detail here, unlike at home. A bonus, I guess.
I repress a sigh, keeping my exterior controlled perfectly, an old habit of mine, as I debate telling Mia. Miyako Henneke, 5 foot 3, blonde hair, blue eyes, 27 years old, already a watchman, already a team leader. A child prodigy. I've known her for a good few years now, worked with her more than once and helped her out of several interesting situations. She thinks we're friends. Poor child, not telling her will drive her insane, I know it will, but she lacks the experience to know how to handle this type of situation. Hell, I lack the experience.
Can't be helped, she'll kick up a fuss over this no doubt, probably file a nice report about how insubordinate I was but that won't surprise anyone since this work is my parole. Still... I don't like the thought of upsetting the kid, so, after a pause, I smile down at her.
‘Forgive me, Mia? I guess I'm more vain than I like to admit, the girl's fine.'
I can feel the relief pouring of her small shoulders. She keeps her voice steady though,
‘Good, Sal. I don't want to hear another word on this. Understood.'
‘Of course, Mia'
She smiles up at me again, a fickle little flame this one, before opening the side door to renter the bar. She turns suddenly and faces me.
‘By the way, Sal, while we're on duty, don't call me Mia. We don't want people getting the wrong idea.' The coy little thing actually has the nerve to wink at me before the door swings shut behind her leaving me outside, alone. I throw back my head and laugh, for the first time since coming to this world again, that girl's gunna be just fine.
Then that girls face floats before my eyes and my laughter dies quite suddenly. Amelia. In the time it takes me to reach my hand out to grasp the cold door handle my good mood dries completely and for a split second I wonder what colour me eyes would look now. Amelia.
That child is going to cause me trouble.

The End

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