Encounter of the second kind.


I look at my watch, 3.24 am.

I’d been so lost in thought whilst I was walking I hadn’t noticed where my feet where taking me until it was too late. I’m back at that bench. The bench where I met him.

God, what is wrong with me, we barely even met. And yet all I can think about is that moment, when he stopped right behind me and whisper those three words right in my ear.

‘Who are you?’

I go and sit down on the bench, aware that I’m walking like some one possessed. The street is quite clearly lit by the row of street lamps so I can clearly see that I’m the only person on it. The only person dumb enough to be up at this hour.

Those words are still echoing round my head, bouncing off the insides of my twisted mind.

I sit back and close my eyes, slowly cutting myself off from my senses on by one, till I’m just sat there. Existing in my own little bubble of reality, as far away from everything as I can mentally get myself.

‘Who are you?’

I sigh. I’m obviously not going to be able to relax sat here of all places.

Opening my ears I realize I’ve titled my head back just enough to be staring directly up at the moon. It hovers serenely just above the silhouette of the buildings opposite. I begin to study it at a greater depth, scrutinizing every shadow I can make out with my human eyes.

I takes me a second before I comprehend the noise I can hear is laughter approaching from my left. I stiffen automatically, I don’t particularly want to bump into anyone while I’m one my own at this late hour. Especially given the fact that it’s likely these are people probably headed back home after a night out. I decide not to leave, regardless. I pull back into myself; trying, and almost certainly failing, to make myself look inconspicuous.  

I watch silently as five people make there way around the corner. Three and two women by the looks of it. They are all laughing and talking loudly, their obviously high spirits were contagious and I found myself smiling as I watched them. They didn’t actually seem drunk, as they spoke none of their words were slurred and they weren’t stumbling. Maybe they just couldn’t sleep either.


M stomach curdles. My smile freezes in place. And my heart completely stops. There, walking in between two of the guys, with his jet black hair and beautiful auburn eyes, is that bastard who I haven’t been able to get out of my head for the past eight days.

The End

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