There was something different about the place. You couldn't say what it was or why you felt that way, but yet you also couldn't deny it. It just was different. The moment you stepped from the outside world into the realm of Tipperton you knew from your core you weren't in the same place as you were before. It left Sam unsettled, but she ignored it. Or rather she dismissed it. She'd been on edge coming here and knew that this difference could be entirely in her head as she'd built it up to be some strange mystical world.

Really though her physical senses detected no change from anywhere else she'd been. The weather here was just as pleasant as it had been before she entered, bright sunshine with a few clouds drifting like lazy puffy cotton balls across the sky pushed by the gentle breeze that kept the sunlight from being too warm and uncomfortable. This breeze brought with it the scent of evergreens and a hint of flowers that made sense considering it was just in the beginning of summertime and many plants were still in flower. The seasons had not been affected by the change of dimensions she'd just taken. The beautifully manicured lawn with gracefully trimmed trees lining the wide road she'd been walking down seemed not to have a blade of grass out of place just like before. Indeed looking before her to the large stately mansion she had almost reached it seemed nothing at all had changed. But when she looked behind her...

Sam glanced back once again, making sure her eyes told her the same thing they had before. Previously the driveway she was on had intersected with a public road about ten feet back. Now... well if there was a public road back there is was a looooot farther back than ten feet. The driveway seemed to just keep going, trees which hadn't been there before eventually obscuring its end as it turned away. Before it had been a half circle connected to the road at two points and the mansion at the middle. Now it seemed to just go on curving slightly. Maybe it went full circle and just rejoined to the other end of the driveway? After all it seemed there were no cars here to travel along the path.  "Nope, just one out of place kid." Sam muttered to herself, forcing her eyes front again before she felt too disoriented and sick.

Dimensional traveling was big magic and not something she'd ever had experience with before. She understood the theory but it wasn't like her abilities meant she ever practiced it herself. Leave that to the warlocks and others who liked to bend the borders of one reality and travel to others. She was content living in her dimension thank you very much! Yet, here she was. At Tipperton of all places. Steeling her nerve she grabbed her bag from where it rested next to her and started walking again, thinking to herself to try and make herself feel more comfortable with it. Surely if her head understood it her body would get used to it right?

Tipperton wasn't exactly another dimension. It was more like a part of reality that was pried a little loose, or maybe lumped separately from the rest of the world. Like a balloon. You could twist a part so that it became a separate lump, but it was still connected even though you could proceed to stretch or mash that part of the balloon without affecting the rest of the balloon. So while it wasn't right to say she was in the same dimension she'd been in before it wasn't accurate to say she was in another. So while the disappearing road made her feel like she'd been cut off from her world really as different as this place might be it still was connected to the real world she lived in for 16 years.

Nodding to herself as she thought it over she almost missed the movement in her peripheries. But notice it she did and instantly her calm that she's managed to obtain dropped just like her bag from her hand. Not even glancing at the fallen luggage she instead focused on finding what had moved in the corner of her eye, body tensing as if ready to run as fast as she could in the other direction. When she finally noticed it she seemed to relax, only to stiffen as she realized just what it was she was looking at. What at first seemed to merely be a large and beautiful butterfly flying over the beautiful and meticulously tended flowerbeds watching a little longer revealed the lie. The fairy fluttered back and forth over the flowers, occasionally dropping lower as if it might have seen something only to flutter away as if realizing it had been nothing. Sam's eyes followed as it got closer revealing some of the details of the tiny human figure between those two beautiful wings. Short and looking as soft as feather down hair floated around the round face with almond shaped eyes over a tiny button of a nose and small mouth with thin lips currently pursed in concentration, the thin tiny brows on her face drawn together causing the slightest lines to appear in between the bangs covering her forehead. The colors though really struck Sam. Dark leaf green hair contrasted with the almost luminous pale white skin. Her eyes were pink, not like in albino animals but a rich pink, almost magenta. When the fairy was a mere three feet from a mesmerized Sam those eyes met hers and Sam was shocked to see that rather than a normal round black pupil the girl's were bright sunny yellow in the shape of a flower. The bewitching eyes widened as they stared into Sam's own dull blue-gray ones with regular pupils. Suddenly the fairy turned around, giving a beautiful view of the intricate patterns of yellow, pink, blue, and green of those huge wings, and flew as fast as she could away from Sam.

Sam felt the breath she didn't know she'd been holding slip out between her lips only to have it one again freeze. The fairy had raced over to one of the larger trees and from the shadows under it had suddenly risen a distinctly hand shaped silhouette. The colorful fairy landed on it and suddenly an upper body rose up from the ground to join the hand. Sam watched stiff with fear, her whole body tense and her mind screaming to do something. This place was Tipperton! She needed to hide or run or something! All thoughts though were completely scattered as the profile of the shadowy person's face seemed to lift, and then turn in her direction. Despite the shadows under the tree and the distance she almost swore she saw their eyes looking at her, dark red eyes like blood.

Without any thought she scooped up her bag and pelted off at full run toward the mansion. She didn't look back, she didn't slow down, she just let her long legs carry her as fast as she could go, her long brown hair streaming behind her. Sam's eyes stayed fixed to the doors of the mansion, her whole being going into just getting to that point, like a child that has convinced themselves as long as they get to their bed they would be safe from monsters. It held no logical backing or reason but Sam was convicted that if she could just reach the door she would be safe. Or at least she would keep telling herself that.

Lucky for her it swung inward.


- - -

"A new arrival?" The young man said, eyes on the doors which were being slammed shut harder than such old pieces really should be. The breeze blew across his face mussing further already messy short black hair. He turned his head back to his outstretched arm where the small fairy was crouched on the back of hand, sitting with her knees drawn up and face buried in them. "Do you really need to be so scared Dahlia?" He asked with an amused smile.

"But, but! I just couldn't help it! They are all so scary. Every. Last. One!" As the fairy cried out into her knees, not bringing her face up even the smallest amount, she began to shrink. Going from being as tall as the base of his palm to the tip of his middle finger to now only being about as long as his middle finger alone she seemed to just be folding in on herself, each part of her becoming smaller at the exact same pace as the rest so even though she was now half her previous size she still looked exactly the same.

"If you keep shrinking like that you're going to disappear one of these days." He said laughing. This got the fairy to look up, her expression one of frustrated anger, tears lingering in her eyes.

"It's not funny Blane!" She huffed growing a little in size as she glared up at the boy, her tiny brows drawn together in concern and anger.

"Right, right. Now come on, stop being so scared. I'm right here." He said laying back down in the cool shade of the tree and paying no mind to the fairy’s anger toward him. She ceased glaring almost at once and instead glanced worriedly toward the mansion. The doors seemed to be staying firmly shut. She fluttered her wings and lightly lifted herself from his hand which he dropped immediately. Still she did not go far, she merely fluttered up to one of the wide leaves and sat down on them. Blane watched her chew her nails for a bit but it did not take long before he closed those blood red eyes.

The End

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