Thomas Tipperton's Educational and Correctional Facility is a strange place full of strange people even to someone already as strange as a being of myth and magic. Those that cannot hide themselves in today's modern world go here to gain the abilities they need, or are sent here because they will not hide. Part school, part prison, part rehab center. All that and catering only to the magically inclined. This makes for all matters of mysteries waiting to be explored.

((Title is work in progress. Unless they is a big outcry for breaking up the pages I'm going to post this by the chapter and not in 300 page chunks like Strength.))

Thomas Tipperton's Educational and Corrective Facility for Magic Mishaps is a very long title and just the first clue you get that founder Thomas Tipperton was more than a touch odd. After all, who gives a rehab center a name halfway between a school and a jail? And yet maybe this is the most accurate title that could be given for this most peculiar of centers. It is a school, a jail, and a rehabilitation center all in one lovely little semi dimensional warp spell. Not much is taught, and no one cares about grades. You can do as you please and go where you please. And it doesn't much matter if you try, try, try, try, try, and try again to the end of your species' natural lifespan or give up and don't do anything at all. This is a place where people go to forget or to be forgotten. A place people come to learn and to teach. A place where things that are more than a touch odd go, so perhaps having a founder and title more than a touch odd themselves is just right.

Magical beings have had a rough time in today's worlds of digital cameras and census surveys. You can't just wander in and integrate yourself with society unless you have transcripts, resumes, identification papers. They aren't able to just kill all the witnesses to their secret rituals without having to leaving a witness statement themselves. In the world of today there are no more oceans deep enough, no more shadows dark enough, and no more lies good enough to hide all of what they are from the general human public. But magical society has always been quite adaptive and secrecy is easy enough to maintain considering all their powers. Still there are always the problems. Some are just unable to hide. Perhaps their powers are just too great to hide, perhaps as hard as they try they cannot properly make themselves look human, perhaps they just don't care about hiding and don't even try. For these and all other manner of individuals who find themselves unable or unwilling to overcome the challenge of being 'normal' there is Tipperton. A place to send those who cannot, will not hide. A place for people who can't deal with the real world as they are too immersed in the fantasy world. A retreat, a place to learn and practice, and a place to put things that one wants to forget and never see again. All manner of people come to Tipperton and have been for a very long time. 

A ... great wizard Thomas Tipperton was. Or at least an eccentric one. He originally offered his mansion home as a place where the magically traumatized could rest and overcome their problems away from the bustling world of the late 19th century. People who turned into swans during the day, magical creatures that turned into monsters at night, whoever needed a place to hide themselves found refuge on the immense Tipperton lands. Soon as word spread through the close knit community and more and more began to show up at his door seeing sanctuary. And Tipperton was just tickled to see them. Always a strange fellow he seemed more excited than concerned when problems arose with his many guests or new arrivals. When it became obvious both there was no more room for people to stay at his mansion and that the problems which they carried with them were too noticeable for them to be safe even on his spacious lands though Tipperton was forced to take more action. First he declared his home the Thomas Tipperton Educational and Corrective Facility for Magical Mishaps and second he set dimensional warp spells over the entire grounds. Now many humans might pass by or even through the Tipperton family grounds but it would seem merely an old stately mansion along with some eccentric additions of a bygone era being preserved by some historical association or another. What they see is merely an anchor, a shell of an existence which the true essence of is empty from the physical remnants left in this world to keep the two connected.

The Tipperton family had always been masters of dimensional magic and Thomas Tipperton was no exception. Leaving the original building as an anchor to the spell Tipperton set up an in between place which was in a way its own very small world. Wander far enough through the Tipperton grounds and you shall end up right back where you started, as if you walked around the entire world. Indeed it might feel like you toured the entire world since Thomas Tipperton was not the first eccentric individual in the Tipperton family. Ancient ruins or strange architecture which look like they were just dropped into the middle of the Tipperton estates reveal that the dimensional warping powers of their family have long been adding to the collection of the grounds. Able to warp to any part of the world and warp back with whatever treasures that amused them the entire estate has become a collage of structures from all over the world.

Thomas Tipperton built further on this basis, adding more facilities designed for housing all manner of magical beings in relative comfort though there was only so much that could be done without ripping the threads of this miniverse. Only so far could the grounds around the estates be stretched to try and make more room than the Tippertons actually owned in reality. Even with these limitations thought the end result was a true masterpiece of transdimensional space manipulation and reality alteration magic.

By the time all these great spells and revisions were completed Tipperton was beyond his twilight years, at the venerable age of 272 he passed away shortly after the opening of his new facility in 1874. Since then for the past 130 years just about it has been home to all manner of interesting magical figures and gone through many ups and downs. From the Fire of 1929 caused by a resident’s reaction to the Thursday Night Special to the, failed, Development and Restoration Policy of 1992 when those who run the facility sought to bring in modern conveniences such as television. No matter what has occurred throughout this lengthy time it seems that the facility has a soul of its own and no matter what others may try restores itself one way or another to how it was when its last true owner passed away.

Thomas Tipperton was the last true owner or the grounds since in his will he left the shell of his properties in reality to a historical preservation association with ties to the magical community, the Kalian Scholars Association. The magical miniverse in which the true grounds now resided were left to the care of a Committee of which there is little known about. No one who enters the facility sees or directly interacts with them and yet at times notices will be put up claiming to be from the Committee. It is this elusive group that makes decisions on the care of the grounds, the residents, and do everything from hiring staff to organizing special events. Supported in this way from the shadows and by the actions of the residents themselves the Thomas Tipperton Educational and Corrective Facility has continued to exist and provide support to the magical community as a place to practice, learn, hide, hold, and just be for magical beings.

The End

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