Chapter 15

Timmy groaned with himself. Why now? Why did he have to go to the toilet now? Why in the dead of night? Timmy growled and tugged at Matt's pillow in an attempt to wake him from his slumber. Once the terrier was convinced his master was awake he trotted downstairs to the back door. Timmy was so desperate by the time Matt had arrived he shot straight through the door the second it opened ajar.

Timmy finished his business and made his way back but sensed something eerie. There was barely any wind yet all the bushes rustled like there was a mighty storm. Timmy noticed Matt's impatient look and sprinted towards him as the look grew horrified and worried. Timmy crashed into the vegetable patch after a mighty beast pinned him down. The feisty and fearless terrier tried to escape but this beast was far too strong. All he could do was watch helplessly as two large dogs pounced out of the bushes and attacked Matt knocking him on the floor. Timmy grew enraged and used all his strength to get free. Against all odds Timmy escaped after digging a small ditch and biting the monster dog's paw.

"Get away from him!" Timmy growled leaving the floor and landing on the Beauceron's head after a good run up. He sunk his teeth deep into the shepherd and held on for dear life. This moment of chaos allowed Matt to get up but a mighty mastiff charged through the battlefield and tackled the plumber to the floor the moment Timmy was flung through the air. The injured Timmy watched in agony as the Dogue de Bordeaux and Beauceron dragged Matt away into the night.

"I can't lose him again!" Timmy howled limping after them. The d0g which had orignally pinned Timmy down tackled the terrier into the wooden fence for a final assault. Timmy watched the violent Great Pyrenees leave with a French Bulldog. The same French Bulldog that had made Timmy fetch meat. Timmy grew enraged and found new strength to stand up. Strength that soon drained away leaving the injured pup to lay in the mud. Timmy groaned and looked at wear he lay completely covered in mud and hair. Hair? Timmy sniffed the hair and recognised it as the Great Pyrenees. He could use it to find Matt but he needed a good sniffer and he knew just the place to find one.      

The End

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