Chapter 14

Timmy ran around so carefree in the park the following day. Back with Matt nothing could go wrong. Little did Timmy know trouble was brewing.

Timmy sprinted off suddenly into the woods, when he didn't come back Matt feared the worst again. Matt followed into the woods and found Timmy with a collection of dogs all with one owner. That owner was holding Timmy and cuddling him. She then noticed Matt and gasped

"Is this your dog?" she croaked quite nervously. Matt nodded and took Timmy back. The dog walker explained about her time with Timmy and Matt explained how he hit the person who hit her. Meanwhile Timmy and Walter were also having a conversation of a more serious situation.

"I saw this person being pulled away by this group of dogs today" Walter said. This w0uld usually seem hilarious to Walter but the Clumber Spaniel knew something was serious about this

"Matt was reading the newspaper about someone dissapearing in the other park and all that was left was his jumper which was covered in holes like teeth marks" Matt then threw his tennis ball and both dogs instantly chased after it deeper into the woods. Timmy found the ball first but heard a rustle in the bushes. He watched closely as he saw something slither along the floor and behind a thick tree. It looked like someone's leg. He figured he must have imagined it but it seemed so real

"Whats happening!" Walter announced loudly after finally arriving. He was panting madly after the small amount of exercise. Timmy watched as from the other side of the large tree where the leg had been emerged a ferocious beast of a dog. It barked a monster roar causing Walter to run away as quick as his stubby legs could take him. His feisty friend on the other hand stood his ground and stared menacingly at the giant hound. Timmy was ready to challenge this dog but Walter convinced his otherwise.

Something odd was definetely happening and Timmy the Tiny Terrier was determined to find the truth

The End

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