Chapter 13

Daphne cried in joy "Oh Timmy". She reached down to grab him but Matt shoved her aside causing her to fall on the floor

"Get away from Timmy you irresponsible cow!" Matt roared as Timmy growled in agreement. It was good enough to just be back home but now he could stay with Matt as well. It was the perfect happy ending for the unfortunate pup.

"What's going on?" a familar voice asked. Timmy instantly became alert, preparing for the worse. Fernando stepped out and snarled at Timmy who began barking angrily. Daphne tried shushing him to no avail

"Shut up you little rat!" Fernando yelled "I got rid of you once I can do it again!" The dark skinned man suddenly went very red at he realised his faux pas. Daphne just looked at her partner in amazement where as Matt actually moved towards him. In an instant Matt thrust his head forward hitting Fernando and knocking the Spaniard to the floor.

"Now get out my house...both of you!" Without Timmy Matt was a wreck with no confidence or belief. The reuiniting with his beloved pet gave him the strength to set things right. Daphne fearing another attack just dragged the injured Fernando off of Matt's property before running away in floods of tears.

Timmy was back with Matt in his home. It was just a shame he couldn't share the tale of his adventure and experiences with his owner. Matt and Timmy finally walked side by side into their home and sat together in front of the fire. The were reunited and they both intended to keep it that way.  

The End

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