Chapter 12

Matt rolled out of bed and looked at the world he lived in. Just a small dull flat with nothing to raise his spirits. It was nearly noon and he'd done nothing. He missed Timmy like crazy. He realised Daphne took good care of him but just wanted to see his dog one last time. It was plain unfair how he was forbidden from seeing his best friend.

Matt went out for his regular jog in the park to clear his mind. It was a terrible idea and hated every second of it. All the time he was constantly passing dogs. Some were big, some were small but worst of all a lot were small brown terriers. He had to keep telling himself that they weren't Timmy. Matt knew he was crazy when he saw a Norwich Terrier just like Timmy walking down the street at the other side of the park with a pack of dogs.

Matt groaned as he hit a lamp post. Whilst staring at the Timmy lookalike Matt didn't look where he was going and ran straight into a lamp post. Groaning, Matt stood up and picked up the flier he had knocked off. He couldn't believe his eyes.

Daphne jumped when she heard the loud knocking on the door. Was it someone answering to her flier? She was right but it was the wrong person all together

"WHERE THE HELL IS TIMMY!" Matt roared, his face red with rage. Daphne was close to tears, she had never seen anyone so angry. The fact it was cool and carefree Matt made it even more scary. After getting yelled at Daphne explained about the butchers. Without another word Matt stormed off but he stopped dead in his tracks.

"Wh-What's the matter?" Daphne squeked daring to leave the safety of her home. She shuffled over to Matt was had crouched down in the front garden. Daphne screamed in shock as cuddled deep in Matt's arms was Timmy the Norwich Terrier.  


The End

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