Chapter 11

Timmy wrestled around inside the bag as water slowly leaked in through cracks in the material. The river was littered with rocks which Timmy was thrown against violently from a mighty current. The bag almost completely filled with water when the river mellowed out into a flat still lake.

Timmy began crying and wimpering as only his nose remaining above water. He fell completely over as something tugged at the top of the bag. Timmy was dragged through the water trying his best to hold his breath for long enough. He could feel the knot at the top of the bag begin to unravel and the bag being pulled out of the water. He was at last freed from the icy depths of the unforgiving deep.

Timmy inhaled the sweet air then coughed up the water. He was alive. But how? Timmy stared up at his rescuer, who was shaking his thick liver coat to get dry. It was a Newfoundland who was being yelled at by his owner

"Silly dog. Thats the wrong net"

"Good gracious Phil, he's brought back a dog" a second owner exclaimed pointing at Timmy. Both men were wearing green dungarees, wellington boots and holding fishing nets.

"We better take him back to dry land" Timmy was grateful to find such kindness after being shown such brutality at the hands of that man. He recognised the thief but couldn't quite remember who he was. After explaining his unfortunate voyage to the Newfoundland, who was called Merlin, the giant dog explained about his friends who helped any lost dog get home.

"So where are you bound for" Merlin asked when they reached dry land. Timmy explained about where he lived as a band of dogs approached them. The band consisted of a Golden Retriever, a Border Collie, a Bloodhound and a Boxer.

"This is Rover" Merlin said, introduced the Bloodhound "he will find the route home". Rover instantly put his nose to the ground and led the four dogs off around the lake where Timmy had almost drowned. Merlin decided to stay with the fisherman so he could help them bring the nets in. 

Timmy was finally on the right track. He was finally going to be reunited with his beloved Matt.  

The End

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