Chapter 10

Walter beamed a smug look after explaining his plan to a confused Timmy. Walter's plan however made absolutely no sense. The dog walker whistled loudly to get the dogs attention.

"Quickly!" Walter barked "If we go back we get treats" The Clumber Spaniel set off woddling towards her but stopped when he realised Timmy wasn't following. Walter tried asking what was wrong but got no reply. But when Walter stared towards where Timmy was staring he saw a dark skinned man walking towards them. Timmy growled and snarled at the man. Without any hesitation the man grabbed Timmy by the scruff of his neck and stuffed him in a bag. Walter realising Timmy was in trouble began barking so the thief kicked him to keep him quiet.

Timmy was then thrown into the boot of a car and began wimpering in confusion. Where was this man taking him? His spirits were lifted when he heard the familiar voice of the dog walker

 "What are you doing?" she yelled  "Let that dog go!" Timmy then heard a scream and a thud as she hit the floor. All the dogs then began barking in rage. The man was not fazed and began to drive Timmy far away from here and from his chances of ever getting home. On the journey, the car dangerously swerved and travelled down another road. Timmy felt every bump and ditch on the dirt track. The car suddenly stopped and all fell silent until Timmy heard the man's boots crunch down on the rocky path. Each step the man took towards the boot was like a nail in Timmy's heart 

"Bye Bye doggy!" the man taunted as the bag with Timmy inside was lifted out of the boot. Timmy was thrown through the air with a mighty force and crashed down into some water. At the mercy of the river Timmy floated downstream without knowing if he would make it out alive

The End

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