Chapter 9

Daphne was tossing and turning all the night. She grew more and more worried with each passing second. She stared at her clock and sighed at the time: 05:32

"Fernando...Fernando" Daphne whispered trying to awake the man in her bed. The spanish man groaned proviking Daphne to begin moaning about Timmy and how she was worried about him.

"I know. We'll go hand out fliers...come on!" Daphne jumped out of bed and rushed to the computer to print off some fliers. Fernando just rolled over and yawned

"Bloody dog" he mumbled

As Timmy and Walter chased each other in the park and swam in the river, Daphne was out and about sticking fliers to trees, buildings and lamp posts. Fernando on the other hand took a different approach in which he just threw the fliers in the bin and got to know another woman. Daphne searched high and low for Timmy but it was not until she got to a certain house when things turned interesting

"You know what, my friend nearly ran over four stray dogs this morning" a woman replied to Daphne's question about Timmy "It was near the butchers just down the road"

"Thankyou so much" Daphne cried with happiness. So Daphne hopped in her car and drove down to the butchers passing the park where Timmy was as she went. But Timmy was hidden in the woods with Walter who was explaining the plan to get home.

The End

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