Chapter 8

The butcher placed Timmy in the boot of his car as the sun began to rise. Timmy was still cold but glad to be out of the freezer. After a moderately quick journey the butcher showed Timmy to his new home. A nice warm fire, a bowl of water and dog biscuits, it was heaven for the tired terrier.

"Well...I better get back" the butcher announced stroking Timmy "the missus will know what to do with you" and with that the butcher left leaving Timmy to fall asleep in front of the cosy fire.

"Who are you!?" grumbled a voice waking up Timmy. He yawned loudly and stared through droopy eyes at an assortment of dogs. Usually he would be panicing or feisty but he was too tired to care. The other dogs however were all alert and ready for a fight.

"Now now" sighed a wise voice "lets show our new guest some kindness" The old rough-haired collie shuffled over to Timmy and asked him all sorts of questions which resulted in the whole story so far being told. All the dogs got excited and began barking when an aging woman walked in holding enough bowls of food for each dog. Following her very excitedly was an overweight familiar-looking dog. This dog then gobbled down his breakfast like there was no tommorow. Nothing unusual there

"Walter! Is that you?"

The Clumber Spaniel looked up from his food bowl in amazement "Timmy? What are you doing here? I thought Matt could walk you instead of making someone else do it" Timmy sighed at the thought of having to repeat his story but repeated it anyway. The more Walter listened the bigger his smile grew. He was thinking up a plan.

The End

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