Chapter 7

Timmy tried fighting and struggling but the Akita was holding the scruff on his neck to hard

"Where are you taking me?" Timmy growled for the sixth time. But yet again no-one answered him, the Akita just followed the French Bulldog and German Shepherd. Suddenly, the bushes began to rustle but oddly none of the dogs grew worried. The dog that came out of the bush was harmless, a white Miniature Poodle.

"Fufi, there you are. Where have you been? We've found a puppy small enough for ze mission"

The poodle just smiled and followed the round bulldog. The many dogs stopped once they arrived outside a one storey building. At the bottom was a small broken window. Timmy realised why he had been brought here.

"Go in zhere and get ze meat, puppy" the bulldog croaked when the Akita dropped him. Timmy hesitated but a kick from the French Bulldog persuaded him otherwise. Narrowly avoiding the jagged glass Timmy went through the window and fell into a freezer.

"Its so cold in here" Timmy moaned shaking violently

"Zhen get ze meat quickly and get ze job done, silly puppy!" Timmy realised he would have to get a move on otherwise he'd freeze. Timmy began sniffing around for the freshest meat and grew very excited when he found a box full of steaks and lamb chops. With all his might he dragged the box to the window where the Akita was waiting with his head through the window. Timmy passed him the meat before running to the second box. This routine went on until Timmy heard footsteps. The freezer door crashed open causing the four dogs outside the run away quickly

"Oy! What are you doing?" the butcher roared waving a sharp knife. Timmy just began wimpering through fear and cold melting the butchers heart. Timmy was picked up by the butcher and cuddled

"No're coming home with me!"

The End

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