Chapter 6

Timmy stared into the Pug's eyes and asked him why he saved him. The dog just smiled like a bullfrog and his voice croaked like one too

"You remind me of a young me. You're a feisty little pup" Timmy was scared but this compliment brought him new confidence. The terrier began telling his story which deeply touched the hearts of these stray dogs. They too had been loved once but now the roamed the streets eating scraps and establishing territory. They didn't want to see this happen to such a young pup. Timmy showed his new friends the route which he and Matt had walked on but Matt was nowhere to be seen. It hadn't occured to Timmy that Matt only came here in the day.

"Oh no!" the pug gasped his heckles raising. Timmy, sensing the tense atmosphere, also grew more alert. These other dogs knew what was in store but Timmy was in the dark. Anything could happen. The Rottweiler suddenly sprinted forward the second something in the shadows moved. Timmy could make out small movements and lots of snarling noises. A fight was happening. The Doberman joined in and this time Timmy clearly saw another dog sink its teeth into the german breed.

"Whats going on?" Timmy whimpered full of confusion and fear

"Territory wars" the pug replied stepping forward into the shadows. Timmy noticed another dog walking towards them. He was a bit bigger than the Pug and had a bigger head. It was a French Bulldog.

"You're in our territory Bruce" the French Bulldog wheezed in an aging voice

"We're just helping a lost pup get home" Bruce replied pointing a dirty paw towards Timmy. The French bulldog stared at Timmy and his eyes widened in amazement and thought

"He's ze dog for ze job...get him boys!" Timmy began panicing as from anywhere something was about to get him. He screamed as a mighty German Shepherd pounced from the shadows and pinned him to the floor. An Akita then clamped down on Timmy with his mighty jaws and carried him away into the night

"At last!" The bulldog laughed "We have found ze perfect puppy!" 

The End

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