Chapter 5

Timmy ran around the dark streets weaving this way and that in an attempt to pick up a scent. But it was hopeless, no matter how hard he tried he could not pick up a scent of Matt. His master was long gone but Timmy was one determined Terrier.

The park. Matt nearly always walked him in the same park so Timmy figured that was where Matt was. Without a moment to lose Timmy scampered off towards the park. When he got there it was completely deserted. He sniffed around cautiously as the chains of the swings rattled violently. Even though he had been to this park so many times before in the moonlight it looked completely different. Every tree and bush looked like it was out to get him. He followed the footpath where many different smells lingered, but were any of them Matt? Timmy felt on edge, he could sense trouble brewing. He ran quickly as heavy footsteps and vicious growls followed him into the woods. Timmy leapt over fallen branches ignoring his desire to gnaw at them. The snarling beast was getting closer. Timmy could hear its jaws snapping together. He scampered into a hole under a tree. He was just small enough to fit but the beast was not. Timmy could see out from under the tree at the dogs trying to get at him. One was a Doberman whilst the other was a Rottweiler. Timmy was a Rottweiler in own his mind so plucked up all his courage he could muster and charged out from his hiding place

He sunk his teeth into the Dobermans nose and held on as the monster of a dog thrashed about angrily. The Rottweiler tried to catch the Terrier as it was flung about by the Doberman. Timmy yelped in pain as the Rottweiler grabbed the Terrier by his leg. Timmy could feel the Rottweiler getting prepared to shake him about but before the giant dog could begin...

"Let him go!" a voice growled. Timmy wimpered a sigh of relief as the Rottweiler let go. The injured Terrier stared up from the frosty ground at his saviour and was surprised to see it was an overweight, broad-mouthed Pug with a damaged porkpie hat sat upon his head.

The End

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