Chapter 4

After wimpering for a few minutes Timmy reluctantly faced the truth that he was locked in until the morning. All he could do know was find a dry patch on the kitchen floor and try to sleep. The driest patch was in the conservatory near the back door. It was bitterly cold but free of wine and vomit

Suddenly Timmy's sixth sense woke him up from a chilly speed. He could hear something and sense something coming. He was a small dog but had the courage of a lion and the belief he was a Rottweiler. He stood at the back door staring out into the dark autumn night watching the leaves flutter harmlessly. Timmy began growling. It was a low, warning growl that slowly grew into an alarm. Timmy could see a figure outside which abruptly made him stop barking. The person stared through the glass door at Timmy forcing the dog to yap and bark and try to get outside. He then jumped up and down shaking his head violently in a further attempt to escape.

As footsteps creaked on the staircase the back door was opened and Timmy leaped outside to the person without a second thought. He liked their face and let his belly be rubbed. At last he was happy.

"Matt...what are you doing here?" Daphne screamed when she emerged on scene wearing her trademark pink gown and slippers. She looked a mix of fatigue and anger. Matt just stared back at her as Timmy let his stubby tail slowly droop. Timmy did not know what to do for he loved both Matt and Daphne but the two hated one another

"We've already discussed this. Timmy is staying with me"

Matt was just shocked and embarresed. He had just attempted to break into his own home to steal his own dog. But neither of these two things would be his for much longer. Matt just scratched his head and shuffled away to his car.

"Come on Timmy" Daphne yawned as Matt ignited his car "lets go to bed"

Timmy quickly scampered away from Daphne and after Matt. The woman just yelled out as her Norwich Terrier sniffed around the steeets trying to find where Matt's car had gone.

Matt was gone but Timmy would find him 

The End

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