Chapter 3

Timmy raised his head quickly and eye-balled this new stranger. The stranger was a dark man with model like features and very stylish clothes. But Timmy didn't care about appearance he cared about the energy he was giving off.

"What the hell have you done you stupid mutt!" Daphne sceamed staring at the spilled wine and piles of vomit. Timmy felt awful that he had dissapointed her but she desereved it. It was her fault he was so hungry and her fault he couldn't see Matt anymore.

"Im so sorry Fernando" Daphne apologised "he doesn't usually do this...bad dog!"

Timmy looked away from his owner but met the gaze of this Fernando fellow. The energy he gave off made Timmy's heckles stand up. Timmy could already sense this man was not very nice. This stranger made him miss Matt even more. When he was around Matt he was calm and carefree. Now Timmy felt alone and frustrated.

"Its ok Daphne. I know how dogs can be. Lets just go upstairs and you can worry about it in the morning"

Daphne sighed and agreed it was too late to start mopping up so began her journey up the stairs. Timmy was about to follow as he usually slept upstairs but his path was blocked by Fernando's boot. Timmy growled at the man but got a painful kick for his troubles sending him flying back into the kitchen.

"Nighty night doggy!" Fernando hissed spitefully turning off the light and shutting the door.   

The End

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