Chapter 2

Timmy was so confused and so hurt. Where had Matt gone? Would he ever see him again?

Daphne began cuddling the terrier and muttered rants about Matt being mean and horrid. Timmy knew everything she said was utter nonsense and wished to be free of her grasp. His wish came true when she put him down so that she could go upstairs. Timmy ran straight to his food bowl as he grew more and more worried. He hoped some pedigree chum would calm his nerves. But it just made him sadder because Matt used to call him his pedigree chum and his bowl was completely empty.

Timmy waited and waited by the food bowl hoping that Daphne would come back and feed him. His little belly grumbled excitedly as his new owner came down the stairs in a mini skirt and stilletoes. Timmy ran up to her and wagged his tail excitedly but only recieved a patronising pat on the head and a door slammed in his sad little face

As he grew more and more hungry, Timmy realised he would have to find his own food and water. As a small little Terrier he was unable to reach the dog food but he could reach one of the cupboards where the cereals were kept. After munching down flakes of corn Timmy went on a hunt for something to drink. He remembered that at big get togethers Matt and Daphne had drunk from big bottles kept in a rack next to the fridge. He nudged at the wine-rack and with an almighty crash the bottles shattered on the floor setting their contents free to spill on the floor. Timmy lapped up the new drink and found once he started he couldn't was delicious. This was his big mistake

When Daphne returned with some stranger all hell broke loose inside the already shattered household.   

The End

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